How To Activate HSBC Credit Card

How To Activate HSBC Credit Card

To Activate your new HSBC Credit Card, Use your ATM PIN to activate the card on an HSBC ATM or Perform a PIN based transaction or Call HSBC PhoneBanking.

HSBC Credit Cards have been designed to complement your lifestyle. We currently offer credit cards which extend a host of offers ranging from travel privileges to dining, shopping and more.

For security reason, the HSBC Debit Card & HSBC Credit Card is sent in an inactive status. Below are the steps to activate your HSBC Cards

HSBC Debit Card

  • Use your debit card at any Visa ATM by entering the ATM PIN
  • Use your debit card with the ATM PIN at a Point of Sale (POS)  terminal that supports Chip and PIN capability
  • The debit card can be activated through Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

HSBC Credit Card

  • Use your ATM PIN to activate the card on an HSBC ATM
  • Perform a PIN based transaction
  • Call HSBC Phone Banking.
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Online Banking Activation

Make sure you have the following things ready:

  • HSBC debit card number, issue number and 6-digit PIN or
  • HSBC credit card number and 6-digit PIN or
  • 10-digit Phone Banking Number (PBN) and 6-digit PIN
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) to register through Mobile App
  • 10 digit Phone Banking Number (PBN) and Date of Birth to register through Mobile app

*You need to activate your card before you can register for online banking

There are 2 ways you can register for the service:

  • Use the mobile app – this registers you for both online and mobile banking
  • Register online – this registers you for online banking. You can use the same credentials to set up mobile banking too.

Register online

If you register online, you will only be registered to use online banking.

You still need to download the HSBC India Mobile app to set up your Digital Secure Key, though. You’ll use this every time you log on to online banking.

How do I register for e-statements?

  1. Log onto HSBC’s Internet Banking.
  2. Set up a one-time request by clicking on the “Request e-statements/e-Advice” option in the Main Menu.
  3. We will send you a secure mail and an SMS alert informing you when your e-statement is ready.

Please note that the statements will be held on your HSBC Internet Banking account for 11 months for cards and 15 months for bank accounts. You may download these statements onto your computer, if you want to store them for a longer period.

How do I redeem my reward points?

You can redeem these points for a range of redemption options including garments, home appliances, cosmetics, gift vouchers, airline miles and donation to charities. Please visit the credit cards – rewards programme section on our website to view all the redemption options.

To redeem your reward points, use any of the below options:

  • You can access the online credit card rewards catalogue on  Please note, you need to have registered for
  • Internet Banking ID to be able to redeem your points online
  • You can download the rewards redemption form from our website  and mail it to HSBC Card Products Division,
  • Post Bag Number 5080, Chennai – 600 028
  • You can call our PhoneBanking number and request a redemption on the IVR or by speaking with a PhoneBanking Officer