How to Activate Grand Lift Elden Ring : How to Use Grand Lift of Dectus

How to Activate Grand Lift Elden Ring : How to Use Grand Lift of Dectus

Fort Haight, Limgrave, is home to the left half of the Dectus Medallion. If you’re thoroughly exploring the Lands Between, you’ll probably run into this in Elden Ring before you find the lift itself.

A portion of the Dectus Medallion can be found in Fort Faroth in Caelid (the right half). This part of the left side is more difficult to deal with than the other half.

Located in the Mistwood, just east of the lake in the heart of Limgrave, Fort Haight can be found. Taking control of the fort is simple, even early in the game. There are demi-humans, Godrick’s soldiers, and a few knights to contend with. The Dectus Medallion can be found in a chest in the upper part of the fort after the enemies have been defeated.

While Fort Haight’s enemies are easier, Fort Faroth’s are far more difficult to deal with. The first floor is home to bats and Harpy cousins. Players will see the right half of the Dectus Medallion as they enter the fort through a walled area. By hitting the wall in the appropriate spot, players can gain access to that area and take the medallion’s other half. As a result, the enemies may become enraged and put players in a difficult situation.

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How to Activate Grand Lift Elden Ring :

If you know where the Grand Lift of Dectus is located in Elden Ring and are able to get there in a reasonable amount of time, you can find out how to activate it at the bottom of this guide. Other than that, here is a list of the quickest and easiest ways to get there.

Palm Reader and a Site of Grace are located on either side of you when you arrive. Use the Rold Medallion that Melina gave you after you defeated The Omen King, Morgott, to get to the top floor. If you activate it to the lift before Morgott, you won’t be able to use it without the Rold Medallion.

You can get to the Grand Lift of Rold by heading East out of Lyndell and past the Forbidden Lands. See if you can find it on the map. It is only possible to access Mountaintops of the Giants and Consecrated Grounds by using the appropriate medallion.

In order to gain access to the Tower of Dectus, you must first complete Elden Ring’s second major Legacy Dungeon. After completing Stormveil Castle, you can enter the Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia.

The Glintstone Key is required to enter the academy, which is the massive white structure in the middle of the lake.

If you haven’t already, you’ll be able to reach the Tower of Dectus by breaking through the seal on the Legacy Dungeon’s south side and unlocking the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace. Below is a map showing where Legacy Dungeon and Site of Grace are located.

There are a few dangers, but they can all be avoided with relative ease. Just keep going down the road and aim for the green marker in the upper right corner of the map. The Grand Tower of Dectus itself is depicted in a variety of in-game images.

Once you’ve entered the mammoth structure, be sure to use the Site of Grace on the right side. Approach the two statues and take a position in the circle in the middle of them. Atlus Plateau is shown in a short cutscene when you activate the medallions.

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