How To Activate Emergency Credit on Electric Meter? Prepayment Meter’s Emergency Credit

How To Activate Emergency Credit on Electric Meter? Prepayment Meter’s Emergency Credit

A smart meter is a newer type of electricity or gas meter. All energy suppliers are installing them as a part of an upgrade to the UK’s energy system. In addition, we install credit smart meters and smart Pay As You Go meters.


Smart meters come with a handy in-home display called an IHD. Here you can see how much energy you’re using and what it costs.

Smart meters also provide automatic meter readings. You get one meter for gas and one for electricity. The meters then automatically send your usage to your supplier.

What’s more, we’ll use your smart meter data to give you a personalised view of your energy use in Energy Hub(1). We’ll also show you tips to help you save money and cut your carbon footprint.

How To Activate Emergency Credit on Electric Meter?


When your credit drops to 50p or less, your electricity meter will give you a warning beep. You’ll see a flashing ‘e’ on the screen, which means you can access your emergency credit.

To access your emergency credit, just take your key out of the meter, then put it back in.


You can access your emergency credit when your gas meter has run of out of credit.

Simply take your card out of the meter, then put it back in to active your emergency credit.

Is it worth getting a smart meter?

1. Complete control

See how much you’re spending in real time. This can help you make small changes to reduce your energy usage, as well as your bill.

2. Hassle-free

Your smart meter will send readings automatically. This way you’ll get more accurate bills without leaving the sofa.

3. Low-carbon lifestyle

Understanding where your energy goes will encourage you to think about your carbon footprint and how to live more sustainably.

What to expect on the day of your smart meter installation


  • We’ll call you before your appointment to check that it’s still safe for our installer to enter your home
  • If you’re self-isolating we won’t be able to carry out your appointment. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is the case.
  • We’ll ask you to check that our installer will be able to easily access your meters. Read below for tips on how to prepare for the installation.


We regularly review our safe working practice procedures, and as a minimum, our installers will always follow the latest Government guidance. This may include;

  • Wearing masks
  • Adherence to hygiene measures
  • Observation of social distancing

It takes about an hour to install each meter, and your power and gas will each need to be switched off for around 30 minutes. But in some circumstances, it could take longer.

Once your smart meter is installed

After installing your smart meter, our installer will get you connected to your new in-home display (IHD). They’ll be able to give you some useful advice on how to get the best out of your new smart meter and in-home display.

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