How To Activate Dasher Direct Card : Activating DasherDirect Card- Dasher Central Login

How To Activate Dasher Direct Card : Activating DasherDirect Card- Dasher Central Login

DasherDirect is powered by our partners at Payfare and issued by Stride Bank. Through the DasherDirect app, Dashers can check their account balance, pay bills, transfer money, set savings goals and find no fee ATMs on the go – without worrying about overdraft fees or minimum account balance requirements.


While it may take 10 days for your physical card to arrive in the mail, you’ll have immediate access to a virtual card number as soon as you set up your details in the DasherDirect app. You can use the details from the virtual card, available in the DasherDirect app, for making online purchases and completing bank transfers until the physical card arrives.

You will be issued a DasherDirect Virtual Card that can be used while you wait for your physical card to arrive. You can change your payout method to DasherDirect in the earnings section of the DoorDash app. Once you start receiving your DoorDash earnings in your DasherDirect Prepaid Account, use your Virtual Card for online purchases, bill payments, transfers to other bank accounts and more.

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Once you’ve activated your DasherDirect card, your Dasher earnings will automatically be added to your DasherDirect card after every dash. Payouts typically arrive in your DasherDirect Prepaid Account within minutes. Tips are also automatically added to your DasherDirect card within 24 hours after a customer adds a tip, which may occur up to 30 days after a dash is completed.

Once your new card arrives and you activate your DasherDirect account, you’ll automatically receive payouts after every dash, at no fee, to your DasherDirect account, and you’ll no longer be able to cash out daily with Fast Pay. To switch back to weekly direct deposits (with the option of withdrawing funds daily with FastPay for a $1.99 fee), tap the Bank icon on the Earnings screen, and select the “Switch Payout Account” button.

When you use your DasherDirect card to pay for gas purchases, you’ll earn 2% cash back. Cash back rewards become available for redemption as qualifying purchases settle and you can track your rewards in the DasherDirect app. Rewards categories and amounts are subject to change without notice. See the Payfare Program Terms for further details.

Setting up Red Card on iOS:

  1. In the Dasher app, tap Account.
  2. On the top of the next page, tap the red-colored link that states Did DoorDash give you a payment card
  3. Enter your new card’s delight number and last 4 digits (see image above)

Setting up Red Card on Android:

  1. Tap Menu icon (located in top left corner) and select Red Card from dropdown.
  2. Enter your new card’s delight number and last 4 digits (see image above).

What if I have trouble setting up my Red Card?

A few things to keep in mind before trying to set up the card:

  1. If you have not completed the entire sign-up process and received a Welcome message from DoorDash stating your account is activated, please wait a few more days before trying again.
  2. Before setting up the card, make sure you are connected to WiFi. If the card is failing, force quit your Dasher app and wait for about 30 seconds to re-launch it.
  3. If the app freezes or gives you error messages, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The latest version of the app may not have the bug you encountered.

Using Your Red Card

  • Only use the card to pay when prompted by the Dasher app: the app may say “Pay with Red Card” or “Place Order”.
  • You can only use the Red Card to pay for a DoorDash order at the correct time and at the correct restaurant. The card will only charge the correct amount of money due to the restaurant.
  • Always choose credit as payment method, since the card doesn’t come with a PIN. Ignore the fact that the card says “debit”.
  • Do not add tip when paying with the Red Card, and you don’t need to keep receipts unless the order requests you keep the receipt. Please do not give your Red Card receipts to the customer.
  • DoorDash will make sure that the card is funded correctly, and you don’t have to worry about discrepancies between the total on the receipt and the total in your Dasher app because DoorDash knows the correct amount.
  • In the event that the card is lost, refer to Lost Red Card for next steps.


  1. There is nowhere in the Dasher app to check the balance of the Dasher direct card. App is too confusing to use. And the holds & wait times to switch from one payment to another is ridiculous. I started driving for uber eats & boom I get the money I made that day without the stupid holds. Not to mention their app is easier to navigate with. Also they pay better. I turned down 3 Dasher deliveries in a row because it said the total was between$2.50-$3. Gas is too expensive to be driving around making nothing with a company that makes it impossible to get paid in the first place!!!

  2. Wyd, I can’t figure out how to activate my dashes direct card for the life of me! says hit manage card, but the app doesn’t even have this option

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