How To Activate Cheats in Ultrakill

How To Activate Cheats in Ultrakill

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right B, A.  “↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A”. The secret level is situated to the right of the “Feed Us, And We Shall Grow Tombstone” in section 7-3.

How to Activate the cheat menu

For the first 8 keys it the arrow keys UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIOGHT B A” (Keyboard only) basically its the Konami Code.

You are hereby issued a warning.

The cheats=-

The following are the activatable exploits for the most recent version of ULTRAKILL. NOCLIP enables V1 to penetrate all physical barriers and objects without colliding.

Hold space to go up, and control to go down.

It is advised to utilize tools!

Assign code:

  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right B, A
  • “↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A”

The secret level is situated to the right of the “Feed Us, And We Shall Grow Tombstone” in section 7-3.

To gain entry, one must incinerate the metal leaves or bush that adorn the entrance.

This can be accomplished by either spherical or by approaching the metal leaves/bush with a street cleaner while standing on the metal shrub to direct its flames at it.

Then just go through the door and you should be at the secret level.

How To Access The First Prime Sanctum

Prior to directly entering the first Prime Sanctum level and confronting Minos Prime, you must earn a P rank on every level in Act I and the prologue. In order to accomplish this, you must earn a S rank in each of the stats categories that appear on the mission summary screen: duration, kills, and style. Additionally, during a mission, you cannot perish or restart from a checkpoint; doing so will result in the forfeiture of your opportunity to earn the P rank.

Loading back into the initial mission for the Gluttony stratum, titled Belly of the Beast, is the following step. As you advance through this level and overcome the three Cerberus foes, you will enter a room filled with countless staircases that ascend.

After eliminating all foes from the room, descend and search for an isolated pathway that is not connected to the others. Follow it forward through a flesh door after descending onto it; at that juncture, you will discover the entrance to the Prime Sanctum. To begin the level, descend the shaft after entering.

Defeating Minos Prime


Upon entering the level, proceed with the torch in hand and traverse the spinal walkway until you reach a flesh door, where you may affix the torch atop a pedestal. After gaining access to the checkpoint through the opening door, make preparations to confront the Flesh Prison foe.

The initial portion of the Minos Prime enemy, the Flesh Prison, consists of a rotating cube suspended in the room’s center. Despite being extremely vulnerable to damage due to its size and immobility, the Flesh Prison is capable of launching a barrage of assaults and even repairing damage.

Its primary threat is when it generates a succession of eyes that discharge lasers at you. Although they are simple to evade, the Flesh Prison can consume them for restitution of health; therefore, eliminating each one that appears should always be your top priority. Additionally, the light beam poses a significant threat. This is indicated by a white circle on the ground; therefore, immediately retreat from the area, as a direct strike will inflict catastrophic damage.

Once you have conquered the Flesh Prison, Minos Prime will become yours to battle. He will express gratitude for your assistance during a brief cutscene before concluding that you must still be eliminated; the second boss battle will then commence. You should generally remain near to him for consistent healing and on the ground to avoid his more damaging attacks during this battle.

He will unleash numerous combo attacks consisting of kicks and strikes; these will also accelerate once his health reaches half, but they can be avoided by telegraphing them and dash-away. Additionally, he executes a variety of teleportation maneuvers in order to either shorten the distance or generate a vibration that can be avoided through a precisely timed leap. By effectively utilizing the railgun, one can inflict significant harm in this area. In the interim, parried shotgun blasts should be relied upon until the weapon recharges.

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