How to Activate BPI eCredit Card

How to Activate BPI eCredit Card

If you have an existing account in BPI online, activate eCredit Card in real-time through the BPI Help & Support by scanning the QR code and logging in to your BPI online account.

If you DO NOT have an existing account in BPI online, then you can activate through SMS by following the 2-step instructions below:

Step 1: Using your registered mobile number, type BPIACT<space>Last 10 digits of the card.

Step 2: Send to 225689.

Sample: BPIACT 1234567890 and send to 225689

You need to activate your card to start using it for your purchases. If you use your card without activating it, you will not be able to make any transactions.

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1. Card activation through BPI Help & Support is processed in real-time, whereas card activation through SMS will require two (2) banking days from the date of request.

2. You must be the principal cardholder to be able to activate the card. Please make sure to use the same mobile number that you registered in our records.

3. For supplementary cards, the principal cardholder is required to activate the card.

4. Activation of your BPI credit card is self-service. This will not require a call from BPI. BPI will never contact you to ask for your account information and One-Time PIN (OTP).

The BPI Credit Card is delivered inactive in compliance with BSP Circular 808. This applies to new cards, for renewal, and replacement for both principal and supplementary cards.

This is an enhanced security measure that is part of our continuous efforts to protect your accounts.

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I am unable to activate my card through SMS, what are my other options?

Please call (+632) 889-10055 for further assistance

For newly issued cards, please visit any BPI branch and request for activation of your BPI Credit Card. Please bring one (1) valid ID with photo and the credit card/s you are requesting to activate.

For corporate credit cards, please coordinate with your company’s Corporate Card Administrators.

How can I activate my card through BPI Help & Support?

To activate your card via BPI Help & Support, you must have an existing BPI online account.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Go to BPI Help & Support by scanning the QR below:

2. Log in using your BPI Online credentials

3. Follow the authentication procedure using One-time PIN (OTP) which will be sent out to your registered mobile number

4. Select the card you will activate

5. Read and understand the consent statement

6. Click “Submit”

7. An on-screen prompt will appear to reflect the card activation status. Likewise, a notification will be sent to your registered email and mobile number.

How can I activate my card through SMS?

Using your registered mobile number, text BPIACT<space>Last 10 digits of your BPI credit card and send the message to 225689.

You will receive a notification informing you of the status of your card activation request within two (2) banking days from the date of your SMS request.

The card activation service through SMS is free of charge. For prepaid mobile subscribers, a Php 1 maintaining balance is required to send a message to 225689

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