How to Activate Altbalaji on Jio Fiber : Accessing ALTBalaji on a Desktop

How to Activate Altbalaji on Jio Fiber : Accessing ALTBalaji on a Desktop

If you’re accessing ALTBalaji on a Desktop, click on the ‘Sign In’ button located at the top-right corner. If you’re on our Mobile App, please tap the Menu icon (three horizontal bars) to go to ‘Sign In’. Then, enter your registered Email ID / Mobile Number and password / OTP or login using Apple / Facebook.

For logging into a TV you will need and email id and password. In case you have an account only with mobile number, you will need to link an email id by logging into our app or visit our website

If you already have a registered email id and password, you can login into the TV using the same. Alternatively, you can also login through a QR code. Please download the QR code scanner app, so you can scan the QR code and continue watching shows

How do I activate Amazon Prime on Jio Fiber?

After Downloading QR scanner follow the given steps below:

1. Open the App on TV.

2. Look for sign in / sign up on TV and click on it.

3. You will get a screen with QR code and a unique code on it, Scan the QR code using QR code scanner app on your mobile device.

4. A link will be generated, click on it or copy paste it to chrome/safari browser app on your mobile device.

5. You will be redirected to login page, where you must put your login details and click on login.

6. Once you login with your credentials, you need to add the code that is visible on the TV screen.

7. You will be successfully logged in on your TV app.

If you have not registered yet, then we suggest you do. The serious binge begins once you are signed in

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What are the minimum requirements for viewing the content on the App and website?

To binge on ALTBalaji, please follow the below minimum requirements: For the Website, your browsers should be either of the following – Chrome Browser 47 and above, Mozilla 47 and above, Safari 9 & above, Internet Explorer 11 and edge. For the App, your device operation system should be updated to the following versions – Android 4.4.4 and above and IOS 10 and above.

For Android TV it should be 5.1 and above. For Apple TV it should be 10 and above. For Fire TV stick we support 1st generation and above.


How Can I create an account with Mobile number?

Open the ALTBalaji App. Tap the ‘Menu’ option (three horizontal bars) located at the top-left corner. Click on ‘Sign In’ or ‘Subscribe Now’ (select as applicable). Enter your Mobile number and ensure that country code is correct and click ‘continue’. You will receive an SMS with OTP which will be valid for 5 minutes. Post OTP verification you will be logged into the Application.