How much time does it take for activation of Jio SIM?

How much time does it take for activation of Jio SIM?

It will take not more than 2 hours to activate the Jio Sim. My Jio Sim was actviated within an hour after purchase.

Manual process :

  1. If you don’t have Aadhaar card, then you have to carry 2 documents, one for address proof & other for identity proof & 2 passport size photos.
  2. Do not forget to provide your valid email id at the time of purchase.
  3. Activation process is completely online.
  4. Once you receive free sim card, you will get an email from company.
  5. Follow the steps in the email to activate the sim.
  6. Receipt of bill will be mailed to you & you will also receive the sms of the same.
  7. You should receive 2 messages.
  8. One is of ‘order confirmed’ & other is of ‘sim verification’.
  9. Unless & until you receive these 2 texts from Jio, you can not proceed further. Keep patience because it might take up to few hours or even days.
  10. That was all about activation, but now next step is to verify the ownership.
  11. Make a call on 1977 (toll free) number. Customer care employees might ask you the details in the receipt (which you got in step 6) so keep it in front of you before making call. You also need to enter last 4 digits of Adhar card for verification process.
  12. If you are not being able to call 1977, please read the FAQ given below. We have given a solution for this problem.
  13. Jio activation time can vary from few minutes to few hour. You can expect activation delay if there is heavy load on reliance servers.


When you have an Aadhaar card

eKYC is based on Aadhaar card verification of address & identity. It is much faster than manual verification & takes 1-2 hours or even less for Jio activation. Many people have reported that their sim was activated within an hour after eKYC application.

Note : there is no ekyc registration form available nor you can apply for it online. You can only register at physical stores.

How to apply for Reliance Jio eKYC activation?

  1. Generate offer code in your 4G smartphone.
  2. Carry original Aadhaar card & offer code.
  3. Visit nearest Reliance digital store. Now many local retailers are selling it for 50 Rs – 500 Rs. If you don’t want to stand in queue, then go with 2nd option.
  4. You will be taken through biometric process (finger print verification).
  5. Then show the barcode in your phone.
  6. Provide alternate mobile number.
  7. All the details will be uploaded to Jio by the employees instantly.
  8. Within few minutes, you will get sms on alternate no regarding order confirmation.
  9. Wait for 1-2 hours (it may take even longer) & enjoy the free services.

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