How do I use Freeview Play on my Roku TV?

How do I use Freeview Play on my Roku TV™?

Conveniently located on the Home screen of your Roku TV, a feature called Freeview Play gives you access to “over-the-air” digital television from an aerial, and on-demand content streamed over the internet.


Freeview Play menu item on Roku home screen

You can choose to watch a program airing at the moment from broadcasters like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, or search catch-up apps like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, and My5 for a recent show you may have missed. When using Freeview Play, you can access an electronic program guide to help you easily find the latest episodes and discover new content.

This article provides more details about the feature, and helps you get started using Freeview Play on your Roku TV.

Freeview Play requirements

The following are required to enjoy Freeview Play on your Roku TV.

  • Internet connection: Your Roku TV must be connected to the internet before you can use Freeview Play.
  • Roku account: Your Roku TV must be activated and linked to a free Roku account, which you can accomplish by setting up your Roku TV.
  • Aerial: You must connect the coaxial cable from your aerial to your Roku TV, and then complete the digital channel scan during setup of the Live TV input.

How do I use Freeview Play?

To open Freeview Play, press the Home button home button on Roku remote on your Roku TV remote and select Freeview Play. From the Freeview Play menu, you can use the directional pad on your remote to navigate to different apps, and press the OK button OK button on Roku remote when you want to launch an app. The directional pad is plus-shaped and is in the center of your Roku TV remote.

  • Note: Freeview Play apps are installed automatically in the Freeview Play menu and cannot be removed, renamed, or moved.

Inside the Freeview Play menu, you will find a special app called “Freeview Play What To Watch” that presents you with recommended content to watch in Freeview Play apps. You can also search available content by title, and select it from the list of results to launch the appropriate Freeview Play app and begin playback.

When you are watching live “over-the-air” content on the Live TV input, you can access an electronic program guide called Smart Guide by pressing the GUIDE button on your Roku TV remote. To learn more about its functionality, read the detailed article about using Smart Guide.

Where else can I find the Freeview Play What To Watch app?

In addition to the Freeview Play menu, you can find the “Freeview Play What to Watch” app in the channel grid you see on the right side of your Home screen, along with your streaming channels.

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