How do I obtain a Husky One Card? Activate Your One Card and Login

How do I obtain a Husky One Card? Activate Your One Card and Login

Every regional campus has an office that distributes Husky One Cards. Please visit our website at and click on “Office Locations/Hours” under Quick Links to locate where the office is located on your campus, along with the office hours.

The Husky One Card is the official UConn ID for all students, faculty, and staff. It’s called the One Card because this one card serves many functions. Here is what the One Card can do for you:

  • Official UConn ID
  • Husky Bucks account
  • Residence hall and lab access
  • Resident and community meal plans
  • Student Recreation Facility access
  • Access to Athletic Events
  • Student Health and Wellness Services access
  • UConn Library card
  • Copying and printing
  • Discounts

Description of components of card

All UConn Students, Employees and Affiliates, attending a regional campus, will pick up their Husky One Cards at the designated One Card distribution location listed below.   For online students or strictly remote employees, please send a detailed email to the One Card Office via so that we can arrange receipt of your Husky One Card in a timely manner.

How do I obtain a Husky One Card (UConn ID)?

You must wait to receive your UConn NetID before you can obtain your UConn ID. Once you know your NetID, upload your photo documentation at Once your photo is approved, your UConn ID will be automatically mailed to the pickup location selected during your photo submission.

Activate Your One Card and Login

Husky One Cards can be mailed or picked up in person on the Storrs campus. There is no charge for your first ID card. To obtain your Husky One Card, you’ll need to present one of the following forms of ID or combinations of ID at the time you upload your photo documentation:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Passport
  • State-issued photo ID
  • Military ID
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • High school photo ID with a Social Security Card
  • College photo ID with a Social Security Card

Without one of these valid forms of ID, we cannot issue you a Husky One Card.

UConn IDs (Husky One Card) will be available for pickup at the campus you attend or primarily work. If you are a student attending in-person orientation, your card will be distributed to you at orientation.

All new students and employees are encouraged to take advantage of the online photo submission option.  Your photo must be submitted and accepted based on the Online Submission Instructions and deadline provided to you by Orientation. Login to your Husky One Card account to submit your photo online.

Preferred/Display Name Now Printing on UConn ID

All UConn ID cards (Husky One Cards) are now being issued with a preferred name on the back of the card. You can view and update this name on the ITS Display Name tool:

  • All new ID’s automatically have the display name on the back under the heading “Preferred Name”. If you have not chosen a display name that differs from your legal name, then the preferred name on the back of the ID will default to your legal name.
  • Allow 24 hours after you have changed your preferred name to obtain your Husky One Card.
  • Cardholders are allowed one reprint of their UConn ID for a preferred name change. Their old card must be presented for exchange and the new name must be in the One Card system. The standard $30 fee will be applied for any additional reprints after the initial free reprint.
  • All changes to the name shown on the back of your ID must be done through the ITS display name tool (the One Card Office cannot make this change for you). The preferred name will not be updated in the One Card system until the following day.

If Your Husky One Card is Lost or Stolen

  • Deactivate your card immediately to ensure your accounts are secure and your building access privileges are not compromised. You can do so by logging into your account.
  • If you have deactivated your card, but find it (current card only), you can reactivate it at no charge by logging into your account.
  • The One Card Office can issue you a new, replacement card for $30. This fee can be paid by check, credit/debit card, Husky Bucks, or applied to your fee bill. Please note – filing a police report does not waive the replacement fee for a stolen card.
    • Note: old IDs that do not have the current design are unable to be reactivated.
  • Only the latest card issued is active.
  • The replacement activates almost all services immediately, such as Husky Bucks and your meal plan. Access to your residence hall with your replacement card will be effective within 15 minutes and access to the Recreation Center will be updated within an hour.
  • Request a replacement card using this form.

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