How can you install ZEE5 on an LG/Samsung smart TV?

How can you install ZEE5 on an LG/Samsung smart TV?

Most of the latest smart TVs manufactured with Android and comes with built in Google play store app. You can download all the Compatible apps from play store where Zee5 app is one of them. You cannot install it if you are using old model smart TV where there is no play store available.



In such case you can rather use a Firestick or its similar products to have the apps available on your TV

  1. Click on ZEE5 App on your LG Smart TV.
  3. It is now necessary for you to sign up. On the screen, please enter your mobile number, email address, date of birth, and gender.
  4. You will see the GET OTP button appear once you have entered all the details.
  5. Then click GET OTP. You will receive an OTP to the mobile number you provided.
  6. When you successfully sign up, you will see the message “Thank you for signing up!”. On the home screen, you will see “Start your free trial now.”.
  7. Within a few seconds, you will be sent an activation link to the mobile number you provided
  8. Once you click on the activation link on your mobile, a web page will open.
  9. Click on the Proceed button.
  10. Choose a plan and click Continue.
  11. Choose your payment method and click Continue.
  12. Make the payment. While your payment details have been submitted, rest assured that your money won’t be deducted until after the free trial has ended.
  13. If you successfully complete the payment process, the message “Congratulations!” is displayed. Your free trial has been activated. A message will appear on your TV and mobile device.
  14. ZEE5 offers unlimited entertainment with the Start Exploring button!

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