How can I install WhatsApp on my PC/laptop?

How can I install WhatsApp on my PC/laptop?

Yes definitely there are ways to use WhatsApp on your PC

1) Using a third party App like Bluestack to install Android on your PC and then installing WhatsApp from the Google Play within the Bluestack App only.

Con – The third party apps are often too heavy to be utilized, even with 8gb RAM on my laptop sometimes these Apps don’t budge.

2) Using WhatsApp Web which requires you to connect your mobile with the PC by scanning a QR code which comes when you touch the three dots on upper right corner of the WhatsApp Android App then go to WhatsAppWeb.

Con – You can’t use the App independently and it requires you to maintain the contact between the PC and the phone i.e. you have to keep your phone connected to internet always. It just reciprocates the messages on the bigger screen.

There is no solid method to feel the same user experience & quality as that in mobile phone. But yes for temporarily purposes these methods work well.

There are many messaging platforms that have mushroomed today and which are well known for efficient use on your PCs the likes of WhatsApp hence we will endeavour to tell you how to get WhatsApp for PC download without BlueStacks.

With communication being the biggest need for every human being or society WhatsApp is increasingly becoming popular and just by the use of an emulator you will easily have it pre – installed in your PC.

At this point, we are all familiar with the extremely popular messaging application WhatsApp. But now, WhatsApp has released a new feature called WhatsApp Web Client.

Download Whatsapp for PC Free

WhatsApp Web Client is a feature that allows WhatsApp to be run on your desktop through your browser.

For everyone that uses WhatsApp on their smartphone this is great news.

This means that there is now an official way of using WhatsApp on your computer.

One WhatsApp spokesperson said; with the Web Client feature of WhatsApp Web, we hope to bridge the gap between phone and computer communication.

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