How can I earn money by playing Free Fire and not paying entry fees for any match?

How can I earn money by playing Free Fire and not paying entry fees for any match?

You can Earn money by using many platform and many social media site.


It’s Totally depends on you, which platform or system you like.

First you need to know you can Earn money by Two method.

  1. Monetizing your gaming Video.
  2. Participate Tournament.

Monetizing your gaming Video

For Monetizing You need to prepare for good content. A good content give you awesome revenue. Remind it you worth when people saw your videos. Now, days most people like funny type videos. You can focus on what people want and most important thinks Hard Work. But, remind you need Good Videos Quality for Best result.

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You can choose these platform:


 It’s Long journey for getting AdSense. But, after you get it you can Earn huge by your single videos. Need hard work for success. You can make Funny, Tutorial, short clip, Beginner tips and tricks types videos.


You can upload Your short/long videos on your Facebook page. You will get some viewers here. also, don’t miss to upload it on another platform.


 If you don’t like for Creating videos content then you can choose twitch. it’s pay you $3 for 1000 views. But, you need to be a pro gamer and high skill gamer.


If you don’t like for waiting monetizing approval you can Earn some Money for winning, killing. but, it’s not huge. You can try Playerzone as a Example.

The best method is review game and upload it on YouTube. Upload daily different type games with playlist. when people search for the game then your videos will show top on list. you need to install daily different type games daily and test it. share hidden tips and level up hints on your playlist.

Now gamming platform going to billion dollar business revenue. If you like playing game too much then you can try it for Earn money for it.

Free Fire

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How can I earn money by playing Free Fire

Of Course You Can Earn Rs.6000+ Daily By Playing Free Fire. You Can Join Telegram Channel (Free Fire tour). They Are Planning To Host Around 50 Tournaments a day. Rewards Are As Follows:-

1st rank – Monthly Membership (You can also request REAL MONEY 600rs.)

2nd rank – 2 Weekly Memberships (You can also request REAL MONEY 300rs.)

3rd rank – 1 weekly membership (You can also request REAL MONEY 160rs.)

4-10 rank – 50 diamonds TOPUP

Most Kills- 1 weekly membership (You can also request REAL MONEY 160rs.)

Apart from this,they will need 2 person to help them in all this .. they will get 100 diamonds each for every custom i made(they can also request REAL MONEY 100rs.). They will just need to share the group as much as possible..

Join The Telegram Channel(freefire_tour) and start earning. Invite your friends too and challenge them and earn real money

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