How can I activate Windows 10 permanently?

How can I activate Windows 10 permanently?

After all, you’d probably want to know about a free way to get there, wouldn’t you? You have no way of not knowing about the acquisition of it.


Once I’m done telling you, I’ll explain what I do. There are no chances of viruses with this process, and the activation remains valid for the life of the PC.

Windows 10

There are two ways to activate windows 10 permanently:

  1. Genuine Product Key: Just buy a Windows 10 Product Key from windows store or from microsoft’s website. It will cost you about Rs. 8000 to Rs. 14000.
  2. Cracking it: It’s the easiest way to activate Windows, it will cost you nothing but about 100 MB of Package data. Just Download Microsoft Toolkit and easily activate your windows of any version.

Step zero: Verify that your system’s BIOS is set to boot from legacy mode, as you might be unable to use the installation tool below! Awesome, thanks, Sean!

Make sure to first install Windows 7 (Ultimate is recommended). If you have not already, then go ahead and use the Windows Loader v2.2.1 (or up) which is available for free.

Now you have activated Windows 7.

Use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to install Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website.

You must run the Windows 7 installer from Win 7 rather than booting into the Windows 10 installer from Win 10. Win 10 will be upgraded to that operating system, and Microsoft will have a digital licence server that’s there for the lifetime of the PC.

To install Windows 10, now reformat the hard drive and do a clean install, as you have a digital licence and absolutely no viruses.

Here’s hoping this helps. If you need more information, ask away.

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