History.com Alone Season 8 : Watch Alone Full Episodes, Video & More| HISTORY Channel

History.com Alone Season 8 : Watch Alone Full Episodes, Video & More| HISTORY Channel

Season 9 of The HISTORY® Channel’s hit survival series “Alone” delivers a fresh set of dangers and challenges for ten new participants. Equipped with just ten items of their choosing, the survivalists are dropped into a remote wilderness valley in Labrador, Canada. While documenting their experiences, each participant must survive in total isolation, with hopes of outlasting everyone else to claim the $500,000 prize.


Not only must they endure hunger, loneliness, and the elements, but this season, they’ll become the hunted as they discover their location is situated deep in polar bear territory. No camera crews. No gimmicks. It is the ultimate test of human will.

Each Alone participant brings clothing, safety, and survival gear to the Arctic. Here’s a list of all of the standard items the participants are given, as well as the master list from which they are allowed to select ten special items.

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Clothing/Apparel/Personal Effects

*These items do not count towards the 10 special items, but may not exceed the approved quota for each.

  • 1 pair of high-leg hunting boots
  • 1 pair waterproof Arctic winter boots
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 fleece/wool shirt
  • 2 wool, fleece or cotton sweaters
  • 6 pairs wool socks
  • 2 hats
  • 2 buffs or neck gaiter
  • 1 shemagh OR scarf
  • 4 pairs of gloves
  • 2 pairs of underwear/briefs
  • 1 insulated parka-style jacket
  • 2 pair of outdoor pants/bibs
  • 1 pair of fully insulated or waterproof winter pants/bibs
  • 1 waterproof un-insulated shell/Jacket
  • 2 pairs of thermal underwear
  • 1 pair of gaiters
  • 1 leather belt
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 pair of eyeglasses
  • 1 personal photograph

Alone Gear

Activate your History.com/activate by following below Steps.

  1. Go to official website www.history.com/activate on your computer.

  2. 1st Select on your device: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV or ROKU.

  3. Next, Select your TV provider from the options provided or press “More Providers” to browse through the entire list and you will not see your provider.

  4. Register and enter your activation code in the space given.

  5. Press the “CONTINUE” button in blue.

  6. Continue to include any additional details needed to complete the online activation process.

How to activate the History Channel on Roku

Follow the steps to activate History channel on Roku.

  1. Visit Official Website history.com/activate.

  2. From the options available, on your computer. In this scenario, choose the Roku.

  3. Now Select from the list provided on your TV service.

  4. Select “More Providers” to open a drop-down list when you can’t view your service on screen.

  5. Enter your code for activation

If you are an user of Roku, when you registered with the service, you must already have given your contact information on signup time. If you registered  successfully , Roku sent you an activation code. This code is yours to connect your Roku to your account. To activate each service, you need the code to activate History Channel.

history channel

After input the activation code in history.com/activate, click Continue. The connection will take you to confirm your subscription by visiting the website of your provider (Roku). You need to link History from here to your channels on Roku.

  1. Go to your TV’s Roku Channel Store

  2. Search and select History Channel

  3. Now, Click on add channel on your device

  4. Enter your pin.  The same number that you generated when your device was activated

  5. Confirm your selection with the Add Channel option

  6. On your home screen, you can view the History Channel. You will see History Channel cableless by adding Roku. So you can stream history online using Roku.

How to add History Channel on your Fire Stick   

You can watch the history channel if you have a Fire TV stick, by following the steps below.

  1. First Go to Fire TV on Your Firestick

  2. Navigate to the section on Applications

  3. Select Type in Entertainment

  4. Choose History

  5. You can see the channel on your Fire TV after selection.

How To Activate History Channel On Apple TV

If you’re using Apple TV, the History Channel can be streamed by following below steps.

  1. Search the app on your home screen

  2. In the TV and Movies Section Select History

  3. Choose History

  4. You should start viewing their shows by adding the channel to your Apple TV. You would need to get back to your TV provider to see if they help the channel on your particular device if you do not enable the History Channel.

  5. You can view complete clips and episodes of shows surrounding ancient events via the History Channel. You will build personalized watch lists of your favorite shows once you activate the history channel in Roku. You can also see exclusive previews of shows you never watched on TV.

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