High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com : Instant Approval For High-Risk Merchant Accounts

High Risk Merchant highriskpay.com : Instant Approval For High-Risk Merchant Accounts

The high-risk merchant account at  highriskpay.com and payment gateway solutions offer several valuable features for new and existing businesses alike, including chargeback management, credit card acceptance, fraud prevention, and ACH/eCheck processing.

Beyond that, High Risk Pay’s expertise and long-term relationships with banks and other financial institutions ensure that your business is always tapped into the most reliable services in the industry

By providing only the best industry-leading services, we strive to become the preferred high-risk merchant account provider for businesses throughout the U.S. Manage your payments faster, safer, and for less. Get instantly approved for your high-risk merchant account with us today

Instant Approval For High-Risk Merchant Accounts

The underwriting process for high-risk businesses may take up to a few extra days than usual, especially in highly regulated industries. Rest assured, though, that our team works as hard as possible to get you approved quickly.

The approval process at High Risk Pay typically takes 24 to 48 hours, which is faster than most other high-risk merchant account approvals. Our number one priority is to get your merchant account up and running as quickly as possible. A 99% approval rate means that your unique business is almost guaranteed approval and that you can begin accepting payments quickly and easily.


Integrate Seamlessly With Any Platform

ACH and credit card payments can be processed in-store or online using the same platform. High Risk Pay features a ridiculously easy integration process with several of the most popular and CMS platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Magneto, Opencart, 3dcart, and more. Give your customers the best online payment experience they deserve.

High-Risk Merchant Account For Any Credit History

We can set you up with a high-risk merchant account, even with bad credit. Not convinced? Our high-risk merchant account high average approval rate is 99% – the highest in the industry. With High Risk Pay, quickly get a bad credit merchant account with fast approvals and no setup and cancellation fees. It’s very easy to apply online.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts At Competitive Rates

What about fees? A high-risk merchant account can have higher taxes and restrictions on it. Fees vary by provider and heavily depend on your company’s specific needs. But at High Risk Pay, we don’t believe in punishing customers for being in a business that presents a greater risk of fraud or chargebacks.

Through High Risk Pay, fees are similar to traditional card processors. In return, you as a business owner get many ways to accept credit cards and debit cards for transactions. You will have the pleasure of serving your customers, while making transactions as convenient for them as possible

In addition, while other high-risk merchant account providers may charge up to a couple hundred dollars for application or setup fees, High Risk Pay charges nothing to set up your own high-risk merchant account