Henry County Tax Assessor : Henry County Tax Collector, GA

Henry County Tax Assessor : Henry County Tax Collector, GA

The Henry County Tax Assessors Office determines the fair market value of all taxable real and personal properties in the county. Our goal is to annually produce a digest that is both uniform and reflects Fair Market Value, as defined in OCGA 48-5-2.

In addition, the digest must conform to all requirements of Georgia Law and the Rules and Regulations as set forth by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

The Tax Assessors Office will embrace the growth in our community and will strive to serve the citizens of our community by providing excellent customer service and implementing new strategies that will aid us in meeting our goals in an increasingly complex environment.

Henry County Assessors Office
Chief Appraiser
John Selfe
140 Henry Parkway
McDonough, GA 30253
Phone: (770) 288-7999 Option 1

Notice to Property Owners and Occupants

In accordance with Georgia Law (OCGA 48-5-264.1), please be advised that a member of the Henry County Appraisal Staff may visit your property to review or update property information

The purpose of this visit may be in response to one or more of the following: a return was filed, an appeal was filed, recent improvements or additions were made to the property, a change in zoning, a general review/update of parcel information, exempt property application, conservation use application, or decal inspections.

The field appraiser will have a photo identification badge and will be driving an appropriately marked vehicle. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Henry County Assessors Office at 770-288-7999.

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Property Tax Payments By Phone 

Property taxpayers can make payments over the phone with IVR. The number to call is 1-855-255-6196.  You will need tax 2023 and bill number to make a payment with our automated system.  Example:2023 12345

henry county tax assessor

Property Tax Payment

Property tax bills are mailed out every year late August, early September and are due on or before November 16th of each year.  Payments, full or partial, can be made as soon as you receive the bill, however interest will be applied monthly after the due date if not paid in full.  A 5% penalty will be applied every 120 days from the due date (20% maximum).  Payment good through date applies to CURRENT YEAR interest only.  Not receiving your tax bill does NOT eliminate any interest or penalties.

Payments MUST be in our office by Nov. 16 or postmarked by USPS only.  No metered mail or certified bulk mail be accepted as proof of mailing.  Bills are mailed to the Jan.1 owner and not the mortgage company.  If you have an escrow account through your mortgage company send the mortgage company a copy of your bill.  If you have sold your property, please return the bill along with a copy of the Settlement Statement within 90 days from the due date. (Ga Code Section 48-3-3)  

Tax Returns & Assessment Appeals

Taxpayers are required to file a tax return between January 1 through April 1 for all properties they purchased during the previous year. This assures the property owner that they will get the assessment and tax bills in a timely manner and at the correct address. This is done in the Tax Assessor’s Office.A tax return is not required unless assessed changes are made to the property that would increase or decrease the value of the property.  Tax returns on personal property are filed with the Board of Assessors.

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Appeals are filed with the Tax Assessor’s Office

If the owner thinks the value is too high for their property, the property owner may declare a value and this would start the appeal process. The Board of Assessors would then mail an assessment notice in the spring either accepting the revised value or leaving the value the same; the property owner would then have 45 days to appeal their assessment.  More information on please contact the Tax Assessor’s Office at 770-288-7999

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