Happy Chocolate Day Whatsapp Status and Facebook : Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Messages, Greetings

Happy Chocolate Day Whatsapp Status and Facebook :

Summer’s a brave choice to host World Chocolate Day at least in countries where the weather is nice and the chocolate is particularly prone to melting. British chocolate lovers like ourselves can probably breathe a sigh of relief as we gorge ourselves stupid, even if we’re wearing a T-shirt and sitting outside to make the most of the 13C weather we’ve come to expect from early July.


The event is dedicated to all things cocoa-based, and it’s certainly not time to discriminate. Indulge yourself, share with others, and whatever you do this World Chocolate Day, don’t buy yourself an 85% dark chocolate and sea salt bar solely as a tool to look down on those who prefer white chocolate, because dark chocolate is real chocolate, unlike that sweet filth other people eat. Don’t be that person. No-one likes that person.

Happy Chocolate Day Whatsapp Status and Facebook :

1. You are the most adorable person I know and the person who is as sweet as chocolate…..Warm wishes on World Chocolate Day to you.

2. I just wanted to warn you to stay home on World Chocolate Day as there might be a lot of people who might want to kidnap you for life.

3. Whenever I look at you, I am reminded of chocolate because you are as sweet as the chocolates that I love. Happy World Chocolate Day to you.

4. Chocolates are always the best friends…. They energize you, they help you recover from bad moods, they are always there for you….. Wishing you Happy World Chocolate Day.

5. May your life is full of chocolates…. I wish that each and every day you are blessed with your favorite chocolates for the rest of your life…. Warm wishes on World Chocolate Day.

6. I am sending this Happy Chocolate Day message to the sweetest person I know…. Who is as lovely as all the chocolates put together…. Who brings a smile to my face just like when I see a chocolate in my fridge… Wishing you a sweet and happy Chocolate Day!!!

7. As we celebrate Chocolate Day, I send you a beautiful boutique of chocolates loaded with sweetest and loveliest chocolates and my love… wrapped together just for the most special person in my life…. Happy Chocolate Day to you my darling.

8. Having a good friend is a blessing but having a friend with chocolates is truly a delight…. And when I meet you, I always feel delighted and therefore, I wish you a very Happy Chocolate Day loaded with lots and lots of sweetness.

9. Imagining your life without chocolate is like having a life without air…. I wish your life is full of chocolates to share with people who love you…. Sending warmest wishes to you on Chocolate Day my friend… Remember to share is to care..!!!

10. Just the way you cannot live without sweetness of chocolates, I cannot live without you in my life…. you are truly my kind of drug which adds happiness and sweetness to my life… Wishing you a lovely and Happy Chocolate Day my sweetheart.

World Chocolate Day 2021 Quotes

1. I always eat. I’m definitely a chocolate girl. I like chocolate. I’ve got these Hershey’s Pieces in my dressing room at the theater, so I definitely snack on those all day. Ashlee Simpson

2. I never do any television without chocolate. That’s my motto and I live by it. Quite often I write the scripts and I make sure there are chocolate scenes. Actually I’m a bit of a chocolate tart and will eat anything. It’s amazing I’m so slim. Dawn French

3. I love Hershey’s chocolate. I feel the same about chocolate as I do about wine. Connoisseurs like dark chocolate and they like nasty wine that doesn’t taste good to me. I don’t get it! Paula Deen

4. Everyone just needs ONE day. One day to let go. A day to not worry. One day to be creative. A day to be sad, and a day to be happy.

5. Everyone just needs one day to put that smile on their face and let their dreams come true. Its funny how one day can do so much.

6. If you’re sad about being alone on Valentines Day, just remember that nobody loves you on any other day of the year either. Azgraybebly Joslan

7. When you can’t express yourself, chocolate will come to rescue, speak the language of sweetness. Sunny world chocolate day.

8. There is nothing better than having a friend, especially if that friend is a bar of chocolate. Happy World chocolate day 2020.

9. Sending you wishes dipped in chocolate and sparkling with my love, Happy Chocolate day, dear one!

10. Lovely are chocolates and so are you, pretty are all the things you do, but the best friendship is between the two, one is me, and the other is you! Happy world chocolate day, sending you lots of sweet wishes and warmth.

11. Once a famous man, Charles M. Schulz, said, “All you need is love, but a little chocolate doesn’t hurt anyone,” and so here I wish you a Happy Chocolate day!

12. Every Desert tastes better when it is made of chocolate.

13. Life is like a box of chocolates; some are crunchy; some are soft, some have nuts, and some do not. Every portion is different and has different tastes, just like life. Mostly they are all delicious, so here wishing you a perfect World chocolate day.

14. On this chocolate day, let’s wish each other sweetness and love. Happy World Chocolate Day, I hope you get to eat a lot of them.

15. This is a chocolaty message
For A Dairy Milk Person,
From A Five Star Friend,
For A Melody Reason,
And A Kit-kat Time,
On A Munch Day,
In A Perk Mood To Say,
Happy Chocolate Day 2021

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Chocolate day

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Chocolate Day

With this World Chocolate day, let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them and send some love their way. A small box of chocolate or a few cute messages like these can do the trick; just let them know you’re thinking about them, and that will be enough to spread smiles on their faces. Well, that is the motive of Chocolates, isn’t it? Send some sweet love to your friends and family on this World Chocolate day!

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