Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheat Codes: List of Cheat Codes Compiled From Various Sources for Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheat Codes:

Cheat Codes:

Here are a list of cheat codes compiled from various sources for Grand Theft Auto 3 in order to help get you past those frustrating villains. For the desired affect just type in the cheat code listed below anytime during game play.


Cheat CodesMain Cheats:
GUNSGUNSGUNS                   = Weapon Cheat
IFIWEREARICHMAN                = Money Cheat
GESUNDHEIT                     = Health Cheat
TURTOISE (or TORTOISE, in 1.1) = Armor Cheat

Grand Theft Auto

Weather Cheats:
ILiKESCOTLAND   = Fog Thickness Level 1
ILOVESCOTLAND   = Fog Thickness Level 2
PEASOUP         = Fog Thickness Level 3

Pedestrian Cheats:
NOBODYLIKESME    = Peds Want To Kill You
WEAPONSFORALL    = Peds Pack Heat (Carry Weapons)

Other Cheats:
NOPOLICEPLEASE   = Wanted Level Down
GIVEUSATANK      = Spawn A Tank
CORNERSLIKEMAD   = Better Driving Code
ILIKEDRESSINGUP  = Change Character
BANGBANGBANG     = Blow Up Cars Around You

Unknown Cheats:
NASTYLIMBCHEAT = Nastier Limb Removal?
MADWEATHER     = Time Speeds Up?
BOOOOORING     = Unknown (Time Slows Down?)

Submitted by: Chris

Type “ohhmygod” and you will then be struck by lightning repeatedly.

Submitted by: Csabi

You can`t repair your car in your own garage when you are on a mission!
typing “ohhmygod”(Submited by chris) will not do anything!

Submitted by: [P9S]IEatGreyFoxes

Get a car that isn’t an ambulance, taxi or police and drive around [slowly]
until you find a woman who comes and looks into your car a few times. Soon
after she has done this, she will get into the car with you. Drive on to
some grass, and stop the car. The car will rock, you will get health [up to 125]
and you will lose money.

Submitted by: Bob

Convertible top on convertible cars if you want to take down the top press [F1]it
will do a 30 second replay when the replay starts press [F1] and you will notice
the top is down or up!

Renew Car:
Submitted by: Aniket

Bring any messed-up car in the garrage next to the save game door and keep it inside.
Let the door get closed and when it opens voila! a brand new car!

Repair cars for free:
Submitted by: Viktor

If you want to repair your car for free, just drive in your car in the garage at the
hideout. And when the garage opens, the car is repaired! This doesen’t cost anything
and you don’t need to save the game.


In order to complete the 1st island just steel a banchee from the garage near 8-Ball’s
place then put fly mode on, type: CHITTYCHITTYBB then go to the big ramp with comes by
it [which leads to the 2nd island] go through the side up the ramp as fast as you can
and you’ll fly over the big gap in the bridge and on to stauton island, this works also
to get to the 3rd island.
If u want extreme cheats go to: and search for GTA3 CHEATS.

To fly a dodo:
Submitted by: Kesa

First, bring the dodo to the runway or a wide road. Then stop for a while. Then hold
the accelerate button and the dodo down button at once. And then you will see a fire
coming out from the bottom side of your dodo, in that time you have to release the
dodo down button. Remember to keep your velocity, do not fly to high or try to make
a sudden turn. it will make your dodo fall.

Submitted by: ARAB

To get 1-5 prostututes in your car just do this, try and get a stretch drive slowly
up to a prostutute and when she starts bending ove talking just simply drive off
(NOT TO FAR) and drive up to a second prostutute and start sending her bending over
is well by this time the first prostutute should be on her way over to your car so
keep an eye out for the whore, simply do this over and over again until you have
enough, i should tell you i have on ly got 4 in so far but i meen i haven’t tried
so you maybe able to get more, and you will only get charged for 1!

How to find Lamar
Submitted by: Lamar Glenn

Go to 8-balls garage and pick up lamar and you could drive around with him the whole
game and he hepl you beat up gang members.

submitted by j5

Collect 10 hidden packages and the pistol will be spawned to hideout. Collect them
20 and the uzi will be spawned to to hideout. This can save LOTS of money. You can
collect it 2 times. Trick is: pick it up, go to house, and then, when it ask to save
game, say cancel, and pistol is again spawned. You can’t repeat this ‘cuz the weapon
won’t spawn again until you are busted/wasted, and you lose weapons. Then it will
spawn again and you can repeat trick.

submitted by j5

If you can’t win races just do this: Get a race mission, then get ANY vehicle, drive
to start, when the race begins, get out of it, sprint from it, press ecsape (to save
time), type BANGBANGBANG then press esc again and all cars will be “BOOMED” includin’
other race cars! Then, again get some car and win the race! Easy, isn’t it?

Taxi hint:
submitted by j5

Get a taxi. Select the taxi driver mission. Complete 1st fare AND, wait! Go collect
next fare, but make sure he/she close car door on end of 0:00 second! Now you gotta
unlimited time for all next fares. Trick is over when you cancel taxi driver mission
or exit taxi vehicle. Thing is really hard to do, but once you did it, all will be
easy. Note I used cabby for this trick, not normal taxi car.

Custom music:
Submitted by: Blade

Copy some of your favorite MP3 files into the “mp3” folder in the game folder. Start
the game and you will have a new radio station titled “mp3 player”. Choose it to hear
your own selections.

Hints – More cars in Garage:
Submitted by: Diamantiger

You can fit more than two cars in your hideout’s garge than you are supposed to. In
the second district the garage should only hold two cars, but you would be able to fit
four in, five if they are small cars.
Park the first two cars beside each other next to the wall then park each car after
that in front of the door, get out of the car and the door will open then quickly
drive the extra cars in before the garage door shuts, therefore you can save all
the cars in the garage.

Make you own radio Station:
You can copy some of your Mp3 music into the “mp3” folder found in the game
directory. now when you start the game you will have a new radio station called
“mp3 player” which playes your music.

Free car repair:
You can have any car you want repaired for free, if your favourite car is looking
a bit worse for ware after that cop chase, just drive to your hideout and place
the car in your garage, get out and let the door close, then step foreward to
open the garage door again, and hey presto! a brand new car (it’s even been
polished). This can only be done when you’re not on a mission.

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