Google showing Kannada as ‘ugliest language’ starts a row on Twitter

New Delhi: Anger and rage erupted on Twitter after a Google search for the “ugliest language in India” yielded Kannada as the result. This has sparked a heated debate on the micro-blogging site, as Google has named Kannada the “Queen of Languages in the World.” Because of this double standard, Kannadigas are unsure what Google truly thinks of their beloved language.

TS Nagabharana, President of Kannada Development Authority, told TV9 Kannada Digital, “We have gotten into a legal battle over this issue.” Google was served with a legal notice condemning Kannada. Humiliation of one another in terms of land, water, language, and culture is unacceptable. Clearly, this is a well-planned conspiracy.


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— VARUN SHIVARA || ವರುಣ್ ಶಿವಾರ (@iamvarunkumarm) June 3, 2021

Kannadigars, Kannada language moods, are ambushed to create such an opportunity. It is not our responsibility to resist. These types of events, on the other hand, must be kept in check. Kannadigas believes that “we should not be afraid to confront even the most minor issues that affect us.”