Google Account Recovery Phone Number: Recover a Google Account By Phone Number

Recover a Google Account By Phone Number

Some Super Easy ways to Recover Google Account

Gmail is the most supportive email service ever used by millions of users because of it one and another benefit that users cannot get rid of. It is highly recommended by the user as it is efficient, swift, high storage capacity, no spam, and mobile-friendly. Users can use the Gmail application if any other Android or iOS device. Gmail is also very secure when it comes to security it keeps your password and important documents saved and keeps away from hackers

Here we are discussing the different ways through which users can recover the Google account anytime anywhere.

Steps to recover Gmail Password with Phone Number

Gmail provides us the email services which is widely using for sending and receiving emails, saving important information or docs file and many more which has made the life of the user very easy. Gmail users can operate the account anytime and anywhere all you need to have the application is your device to access your emails.

At any point if you forget your Gmail password and want to recover through your phone number then you have to follow the steps mentioned below:-

1. Click to your Gmail, by switching to any browser like Chrome or Firefox

2. Then enter your email id connected with Gmail and move your cursor towards forgot password

3. Now you have to mention the last password you remembered

4. You will get some option to recover your Gmail account, click on recovery through the phone number

5. You must have entered the phone number at the time of creating the password, on the same number you will get the verification code

6. Click on the Get Verification code

7. Enter the verification code in the tab

8. And you can now able to change the password

9. Make sure to enter the password which should be strong, re-enter the password again, and save all the changes you have made.


Steps to recover Gmail Password with Email

Recovering Gmail password with Email is another most wanted method through which you can easily recover your account without any hustle, all you need to follow the steps quickly and perfectly.

1. Go to your Gmail account

Enter your

1. credentials, email id and click on forgot password

2. You will all be directed towards the recovery section

3. Wherein you have to click on recover password using the “Email Id”

4. Now click on the id, which you have entered as the alternate id at the time of creating the Gmail account, as you will receive the link on that particular alternate id

5. Enter the verification code you have received

6. And change the password according to your wish consist of capital letter, numeric and special character

7. Last but not least save all the changes you have made, your password is now recovered using Email

Steps to Recover Gmail Password without Phone Number

At any point, if you lost your phone or you are not nearby your device, and you have to recover the Gmail Password how you will do so? Here we are discussing some of the methods through which you can recover the Gmail password according to your wish even if you are not having your phone.

1. Go to the Gmail application

2. Open the app, and enter your email id

3. If you don’t remember the password then click on forgot password

4. Now you will be directed to the password recovery page

5. You have to click on the option of recovery of password using Security Questions

6. Now enter the answer to the question which you have set up while creating the account

7. You will now get the option to reset the new password, enter the new password

8. Re-enter the password and save all the changes you have made

Recovering Gmail Password with security question is another effective way through which you can recover the account anytime anywhere without being put yourself into any trouble.

Google Account Recovery Page

The credential of the Google account is very important to have access to all its services. So in any condition, if you have forgotten your Google password and have login problems, then you must not apprehend. It is a very simple procedure to recover your Google account password by helping your recovery phone number. For this procedure, you will have to go to the Google account recovery page and after that you can reset a new password and then log into your account again. So, follow the steps given below to get your Google account back.

Steps to the Google account recovery page:

  • On your PC, open any favorite web browser and in the URL, type “” to go directly to the Google account recovery page.

  • Now mention your email ID or phone number associated with your Google account. Tap “Next”.

  • Enter your password (if you remember the last password for your account) and tap “Next”; otherwise, tap “Forgot password”.

  • On the next page, ignore the Email ID option and tap “Try another way to recover your account via phone number.

  • Google will then send a verification code to your recovery phone number via “Text message” or “Call”, so choose the “Send text message” or “Call” option.

  • After that, you will receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code or a verification code related to the call.

  • Enter that received code in the particular text box. Click on the “Next” button.

  • On the Google account recovery page, enter a new password, and then re-enter the password to confirm it.

  • Done.

Steps to Recover Gmail Password in your devices (Android/ iOS)

There are the time where we want to use our Gmail account into our Android or iOS Device to make our work easier, and unfortunately, we forget the password,

So what all you need to do while recovering the Gmail password at your Android device: –

1. You all need to Login Gmail Screen on your device and now enter the email id or the account you are looking forward to recovering.

2. Now you will get the screen wherein it is mentioned enter your password, instead of Forgot password

3. Now enter the last password you remembered, as mentioned on the screen

4. Now depending upon the recovery method you are using whether email id or phone number, you will get the notification on the same

5. And by clicking on the Yes tab, you will get a notification from Google to reset the password

6. You will get a notification from Google on the attached recovery mode, like get verification on the phone number or into email id, you can choose either of them

7. If you wish to recover using the phone number and then click, you can also get an option to select your preferred method of communication

8. Now Enter the code you have received and change the password which should be unique and strong

9. Re-enter the password again and save all the changes you have made

Recovering Gmail account using Date of Birth

Another most effective and different method to recover the Gmail account using the date of birth,

You all need to follow the steps mentioned below to recover the same:

1. First of all Head to the Gmail sign-in page.

2. Then Tap on forgot password.

3. You will now be redirected to the password recovery page.

4. Now you have to enter the last password you remembered and then click try another way.

5. You will now be asked to choose the password recovery option and choose recovery by date of birth

6. Now enter the password which should be strong enough to hack via the date of birth

7. Re-enter the password the save the changes you have made.

Google has different effective ways through which you can recover the Google account without putting yourself into any trouble. Now you can get connected with the most genuine and highly professional skilled team who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week along with 365 days at your service to offer you the most guaranteed and authentic result of all time.

How to recover Gmail account using Voice call?

As most of us own more than one Google account these days hence forgetting the username or password of one or two Gmail accounts is a common issue these days. Although Google’s password manager eliminates the grave issue of forgetting passwords but the problem again pops out when we login from some other device. But don’t get disappointed if you forgot your Gmail account login details as here are some quick steps to recover the Gmail account using smart phone.

But before starting the recovery process, you need to ensure certain basic requirements which are stated below:

1. You must have access to the smart phone that you are going to use while recovering your Gmail account otherwise you won’ be able to recover Gmail account using voice call.

2. If you are using two sim cards on your smart phone then make sure that the number linked to the Gmail account is active and working during the account recovery process otherwise you won’t receive the verification code on that number.

Once, the above requirements are fulfilled, the facile steps below will help you to recover the Gmail account using smart phone in just few minutes!!

  • First, navigate to the Gmail sign-in page on your browser and provide your email ID in the required field. If you don’t remember your email, choose the forgot email option, type your phone number or recovery email, provide your first and last name and enter the 6 digit code received on the recovery option submitted.

  • Once the email is recovered, proceed to the password page and tap on forgot password link.

  • Now, enter the associated phone number again to get the verification code.

  • Here you can choose to receive the code either via SMS or on the voice call.

  • So, click on the voicecall option and jot down the code. Then submit the code and you’ll be directed to the password reset page.

But how can I recover Gmail account without the above things?

Well, if you don’t have your smart phone or your number is not active or no phone number is updated on your Gmail account, then you can enter your alternate email address as the recovery option on the password recovery page and get the verification code on this recovery email. Once Google verifies your identity, you’ll be re-directed to the password reset page.

But if you haven’t set up the recovery email also, then you can answer the security questions that were set up at the time of account creation. Just provide correct answers to these questions and then Google will provide you the option of password reset.

How to recover google contacts

Sometimes, we don’t remember whether your contacts have been deleted or placed in a file or other opportunities, there is also the possibility to delete that contact when you are unaware of it. People often search for Google Account recovery, and we’ll take a few steps that will help you restore your deleted contact or tell you how you can recover lost contacts. You can follow these steps to work around these errors.

When contacts are not completely deleted from your mobile steps

• Open the “contact” app on your Android device and navigate to the menu option that will be there at the corner of the screen.

• After clicking the “Menu” icon, go to the “Contacts to view” option.

• Now select the “All Contacts” button if you haven’t already selected it.

• After you’re done, you can see all the contacts on your mobile phone.

Restore your contacts using your Gmail account

To restore contacts from your gmail account, you must sync your Android device with your Google Account. Because Google has features that you can recover the deleted contact in your mobile phone will provide you with the contact that was back up 30 days ago. Once this process is complete, you can re-sync your account. So there were ways we had some ideas on how to recover gmail contacts. This will help you in the future to restore your contacts if you have lost in any case.

There are many other alternative methods by using them, you can recover your contacts, so the loss of the contact is not a big problem.

How to recover Google password with 2-step verification

Recover Google Account by 2-Step Verification

It is very easy to access your Google account, but if you have any problems accessing it, you can get basic guidance and help to recover your account. There are several people who generally face the problem while accessing and for that they need a recovery process. If your password is hacked or does not match because you forgot the password, you have all rights to recover it. You can start the recovery process by using the two-step verification that helps to recover Google account with ease.

If you want everything to be clear, you have every right to recover your Google account password. But don’t worry if you can’t select the alternative email address or mobile phone to recover. However, you can start the two-step verification process to recover the password without facing any trouble.

Following are the ways to reset Google account recovery by two-step verification:

At first, log into your Google account with your correct email address and password and move on to the next one.

If you were unable to log in, click the forgotten password button and go to the next one, where you can enter the phone number.

Go to the verification code challenge page, click on more options, and read the steps listed below.

• Click on the help displayed on the page and ask for Google’s help and proceed to the next one, where you can receive guidance in recovering your account.

• You must give the correct answer if you do not want to enter the mobile phone number to verify your account.

• You can now enter the new password in both fields that are finally displayed on the same page.

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