Golden One Credit Union Routing Number : golden a payment

Golden One Credit Union Routing Number : golden a payment

Your Golden 1 accounts are protected against any losses incurred through our Digital Banking Services. Check your credit score and more – free, anytime. Monitor changes, receive alerts, and see opportunities to save money on loans. Transfer funds between your Golden 1 accounts or your account at another financial institution. Paying your bills electronically with our Bill Payment service is fast and easy.

Stay on top of your accounts with free email text alerts


With Online Banking, you can set up alerts to stay informed and in control of your finances. Alerts can be delivered to you via email, text message*, and/or push notification to your mobile device.

Customize how you stay up to date with your accounts with alerts about:

  • Potential security issues, such as incorrectly answered security questions or changes to your account profile information
  • Your budget, for example, if your spending in a certain category exceeds the budget you’ve set
  • Account status, including when a specific transaction posts to your account or your balance reaches a specific level
  • Your cards, when transactions are made with your debit or credit card

With automatic alerts, you’re in control of the information you receive.

To set up online alerts:

  1. Sign on to Online Banking
  2. Click Settings in the top right corner
  3. Click Security Center
  4. Select Account and Security Alerts from the menu options
  5. On the Manage Alerts tab select the alert type, the account and where to send the alert to
  6. Click Review
  7. Review alert and click Save Alert

What is Golden 1’s routing number?

Golden 1’s routing number is 321175261.

Where can I find my account number or routing number in Online Banking?

An account number is different from your member account number and is used when setting up bank wires and automatic deposits. You can find your account number in Online Banking by signing in to Online Banking, on the Accounts page, click on the desired account. On the Account Details page, click on “Account Information”, this will open a pop up window which will display the full account number of the account.

For your convenience, the routing number is 321175261.

golden a payment

Set it up how it works best for you! With Bill Pay you can:

  • Pay anyone you would normally pay online or through the mail – businesses, family, friends, or just about anyone with a U.S. address.
  • Control exactly who, when, and how much you pay – make a one-time payment, schedule recurring payments, or set up automatic payments.
  • View up to two years of history.
  • Set up notifications to receive email reminders when your payments are due.
  • Pay other people with our Popmoney personal payment service.
  • Receive electronic copies of your bills.

How to Use Bill Pay

1. Access Bill Pay.

Mobile : Tap “Pay & Transfer,” then “Pay a Bill.”

Online Banking : Select the “Pay Bills” tab.

2. Select a bill you want to pay.

3. Choose how much and when to pay.

How do I pay my bills through Mobile Banking?

The first step is to enroll in our Bill Pay service. This can be done through Online or Mobile Banking. Next, set up your payees. When you are ready to set up payments, sign on to Mobile Banking, select “Pay & Transfer” then select “Pay a Bill.” Choose the payee, then enter the payment amount and the date you’d like the payment to be made. Finally, confirm the payment information.

How can I have my bill automatically delivered to Bill Pay?

When you add a new company that offers e-bills, you can enter the required information to request an e-bill and we will send your request to that company. To add an e-bill for a company you’re already paying, look for the e-bill icon within the Payment Center.

What is an e-bill?

An e-bill is an electronic version of a bill or statement and typically contains the same information. You can receive, view, and pay an e-bill within Online Banking through Bill Payment. When your e-bill arrives, it appears in the Payment Center where you can control the date and amount of your payment.

What is EZ Activation?

EZ Activation is a free service that lets you try e-bills (electronic bills) for a designated period of time, typically 90 days. During the trial period, you’ll continue to receive a paper statement in addition to the e-bill. If you like the service, you can complete the e-bill registration in the Payment Center. If you want to continue receiving paper bills, no action is needed and at the end of the trial the electronic bill will turn off and your paper statement will continue uninterrupted.

How can I apply for Direct Deposit?

To apply for Direct Deposit, a free service for Golden 1 members, please complete the Regular Direct Deposit Enrollment Form or the California State Employee Enrollment Form and return it to your employer’s payroll or HR/personnel office. Or, you may simply provide your employer with Golden 1’s routing number (321175261) once you have confirmed that your employer offers Direct Deposit.

What are my Golden 1 First Mortgage payment options?

You can make your payments using the following channels:

1. Mail payment with the coupon provided – the payment is routed to the mortgage lockbox for processing.

2. Mail payment without a coupon to the mortgage lockbox – the payment is routed to the mortgage lockbox for processing. Please write your loan number on the check.

The address for mailing payments is:

P.O. BOX 7168
PASADENA, CA 91109-7168

3. Golden 1 Online – you can make your payments on

4. Western Union Quick Collect – you can make your payments at any Western Union Quick Collect Agent. You will need to use Code City Woodfield to make payments.

5. Moneygram – you can make your payments at any Moneygram Agent. Please use Code State IL.

6. Mortgage Servicing Website – you can log into and click on “Mortgage” then click “Online Payment”. You can select “One-Time Payment” to make your payments or set up recurring monthly payments.

7. Interactive Voice Response – you can make your payments by entering payment information using Interactive Voice Response System.

8. Bill Pay Payments– you can sign up for bill pay payment through your financial institution

9. Member Service Agent – you can make payments by calling 1-888-908-8933 or TDD 1-866-352-3684 and speaking a Member Service Representative. A processing fee may apply.

10. Recurring ACH – you can sign up for monthly recurring ACH payments. Golden 1 will set the ACH information and will draft payments on the date agreed upon by the you. You can sign up for the monthly recurring ACH payment by completing the Automatic Payment Program (APP) form online.

11. Flexible Drafting – you can utilize Flexible Drafting to make payments. This will allow you to make bi-weekly payments, semi-monthly payments, or using two bank accounts. You can sign up for monthly flexible drafting by completing the Flexible Drafting Form and submitting to Mortgage Servicing Department. Please contact the Member Services Department either by login then click on “Mortgage” then click on “CHAT NOW” or calling 1-888-908-8933 or TDD 1-866-352-3684 and request for flexible drafting request form.

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