GOG Redeem Code : GOG Working Redeem Codes that Don’t Expire

GOG Redeem Code : GOG Working Redeem Codes that Don’t Expire

By default, if it’s a retail code, or a code you purchased from other authorized platforms, you need to go to the redeem page.


Once there, just input the code, click the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot”, and click “continue”. If all goes well, the game info will be displayed, and the game(s) will be added to your account once you click “continue” again. Please keep in mind that the code will be “reserved” for you for a few minutes after it gets “opened”. To make it redeemable for others, click “Cancel”.

If your code doesn’t work, double-check if it was typed in correctly.


If you purchased the code from an unauthorized “key reseller”, it’s possible that the code was either blocked, or used by someone else before you.

GOG Working Redeem Codes

345PWh0I90 : Free diamonds and other rewards (Valid until October 2021) (New)

  • GOG5599 – Diamonds and Ticket
  • GOG2021 – 20 diamonds
  • GOG666 – 300 Upgrade Stones and 10 Flawless Summon Ticket
  • GOG777 – 77000 Gold Coin and 30 Elite Shads and 30 basic Summon Tickets

New Codes

  • 315JW0Ixj0 
  • 314rWv0IJ0
  • 310n1W0Ij0 
  • 309TW0XIH0
  • 308vFW0If0
  • 306j5W0IV0
  • 301bvW08Z0
  • 302fW08Jv0
  • 2883W08Nb0
  • 289XW0t8t0
  • 278RWh0870
  • 279r9W08L0
  • 258z7W08B0
  • 259XW0p8p0
  • 2525W0J8V0
  • 250tWn08p0
  • 251tXW08b0

Important Notes:

The game you redeem here is subject to the EULA provided with the GOG.COM version of the game.

If a similar campaign is made available elsewhere, your key won’t be redeemable again.

Is every game code redeemable here?

Only select game keys are redeemable. You can find the complete list of supported games and editions on the right. For Torchlight and Torchlight 2, only game keys that were purchased directly from Runicgames.com can be redeemed. This DOES NOT include Steam keys.

Which key do I use? I found several in the box.

You can check the list of participating titles for more information on which key to use. Various keys have their specific structures.





If your key doesn’t work, double-check that you wrote down the key exactly as it is written (including hypens and capital letters) and that you didn’t mix up your 0 and O.

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