Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate : Profile, Rankings and Data | Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate : Profile, Rankings and Data | Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is a leading university both nationally and worldwide. It has an acceptance rate of only 21.3 percent. If you’re looking to get admitted, make sure to apply with a strong application that makes you stand out from the pool of applicants.


Getting into Georgia Tech isn’t that hard, if you will swallow your pride.

If your goal is to get into GT coming out of high school, good luck. It’s hard to go in the front door and get in. Thankfully, there is another way. Go to a two year school. Take all of the necessary classes. Forget about the people that aren’t helpful to you, yes this is important. Study study study. Transfer in. The rules to get in as a transfer student are absolute. Meet the requirements and you are in. The first two years of college are pretty much the same everywhere.

Georgia Tech Acceptance Rate :

Georgia Tech is a Tier 1 engineering/computer science school. One of the top 4 engineering schools in the country, Tech is in a group with MIT, Stanford, UC-Berkeley and Cal-Tech. It’s exciting to think of attending Georgia Tech, right?

The answer to your question depends on where you apply from.

  • If applying from Georgia, the accept rate is 37.7%, which is selective.
  • If you are applying from outside of Georgia, that rate drops to 14% or so.

The Hope and Zell Miller Scholarships in GA have made staying in state more appealing to GA students than ever. That means even more competition for out of state students applying to Tech as the university tries to balance a massive amount of in-state applications and offer spots to more in state students.

That having been said, getting into GA Tech from out of state or internationally is possible though difficult. Same with Berkeley. MIT (80-115 spots for internationals annually), Stanford (100-150 spots for internationals annually), and Cal Tech(30 spots roughly) have almost no spots for internationals. To get into GA Tech as an international is extremely hard. To get into MIT, Stanford, or Cal Tech is almost impossible.

To get into Georgia Tech, here’s what you can do:

– Focus on your bachelor’s grades

– Prepare for standardized tests – GRE, IELTS/TOEFL.

– Build a strong profile, academic and non-academic (get involved in extracurriculars)

– Work hard on the online application

– Get strong letters of recommendations

– Write brilliant application essays

– Add relevant research or work experience to your resume

For your reference, here is a sample profile:

– GPA: 3.0 on a scale of 4.0

– GRE: 153 in Verbal, 155 in Quantitative, and 3.0 in the Analytical sections

– IELTS: 7.5, TOEFL: 100

– Application essays

– Letters of recommendation

– Extra-curricular activities/achievements

Please note that these are the minimum scores required to apply, though most candidates score higher. I suggest taking help from experienced counselors at UniRely who will guide you through the entire process and help you get admission to Georgia Tech.

georgia tech acceptance rate

Georgia Institute of Technology’s 2022 Rankings

Georgia Institute of Technology is ranked #38 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Rank #38 in National Universities

Rank #16 in Best Colleges for Veterans

Rank #58 in Best Undergraduate Teaching

Rank #102 in Best Value Schools

Rank #4 in Most Innovative Schools

Rank #327 in Top Performers on Social Mobility

Rank #10 in Top Public Schools