Geometry Dash Spam Test

Geometry Dash Spam Test

The Geometry Dash Spam Studio, where EVERY level requires spamming (or known as clicking/tapping as fast as you can throughout the level.)


Press z and m for editor

1 – Blocks

2 – Inside geometry

3 – Spikes

4 – 4 long blocks

5 – Special

6 – Speed Portals and more

7 – Slopes and more

8 – New Pits and more

9 – Monsters and more


1. You may only post a level here if it involves SPAMMING the mouse, space bar, etc.


geometry dash

How to Get It and Play It

1) Get BlueStacks installed on your computer.

2) To find Geometry Dash, use the search box located in the upper right corner of the screen.

3) Geometry Dash can be installed by clicking on it in the search results.

4) If you didn’t install Geometry Dash in Step 2, finish signing in with Google.

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How can I build a featured level in Geometry Dash?

This is only increasing your chance to get featured or starred level, and there is no guarantee for it ..

1. Make a good beginning ( this will increase your likes)

2. Upload levels on weekend, and not when famous peoples levels are in trendings

3. Make solo levels to get ur level in magic section

4. Increase social media links ( Example facebook, youtube, etc) and get to know people( This will help you to have friends who support your levels and you 🙂 )

5. Making easy and simple levels will help you get more likes

6. Dont make too buggy levels ( try to fix bugs as much as you can)

7. Make sure your level is long or extra long ( medium levels get featured, but less possibility)

8. If your level gets more than 120 like in 2 weeks, it is most probably going to get starred or featured (purely on luck though 😛 )

What are the top 10 easiest demon levels in Geometry Dash?

1 – ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS: Take the secret way at 13%

2 – The Lightning Road: A very easy demon level. But the only “demon thing” is the 71%–100% part.

3 – The Nightmare: This demon level has only 1 troll orb and only 1 hard ship section.

4 – Demon Mixed: Makes you better at other demons.

5 – Platinum Adventure: Super ez fly, Can rage you at 15%

6 – Green demon: A former medium demon that is easier without secret way.

7 – Impulse: Theory of Everything Remake LMAO.

8 – Clubstep: Has many troll orbs, hard ships, and hard UFO sections, but still easy if you practice.

9 – YStep – A XStep Remake, only hard part is 33%

10 – XStep V2 – Another XStep Remake, Easier than all of the Remix Pack 2.

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