Gate City Bank Login : How To Sign Up – | Gate City Bank

Gate City Bank Login : How To Sign Up – | Gate City Bank

If you are looking for “Gate City Bank Login” then here are the pages which you can easily access to the pages that you are looking for. You will get “Gate City Bank Login” Pages where you can enter your details and access the account without any issues.

How To Sign Up

Existing Online Banking Users:

  1. From the website, log in to Online Banking, or log in through the Mobile App
  2. Select “View Statements/Notices” from the menu
  3. Confirm that you can view the sample statement
  4. Accept the agreement. All accounts will be enrolled for online statements and notices

To sign up to receive text alerts, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Online Banking, Mobile Banking or Mobile App
  2. Select “Statements/Notices” from the menu
  3. Select “Profile”
  4. In the Profile and Delivery Preference, select the “text” radio button
  5. In the “Send Text to:” add in your cell phone number
  6. Click “Submit”. You will now receive a text message notification when your new Online Statement or Notice is available

Business Online Banking


The Business Online Banking can help make your banking easier, faster and more efficient. These services provide sophisticated and customizable tools for your business.

Gate City Bank offer Business Online Banking packages to cover all your banking needs. These packages allow you to designate user IDs and passwords for individuals within your company, and you can set up each user with different levels of control.

Enjoy Gate City Bank FREE* Business Online Banking, or choose to upgrade to the benefits of our enhanced services when you choose a Standard, Premier or Elite Package**.


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