fubo.tv/lgtv-connect Activate LG TV : Can I watch fuboTV on my LG Smart TV?

fubo.tv/lgtv-connect Activate LG TV : Can I watch fuboTV on my LG Smart TV?

To connect fuboTV on my LG Smart TV, go to https://fubo.tv/lgtv-connect  and Use SIGN IN WITH A CODE to sign in by entering a code. LG Smart TVs users will be able to enjoy a free trial of fuboTV by scanning the QR code on the fuboTV app.

fuboTV is currently available on 2018-2022 models of LG Smart TVs with webOS 4.0 or higher.

To be sure your LG model is compatible, you can find the model number on the back of the TV. If your TV is wall-mounted or the back is inaccessible, you can also find the model number on-screen. Depending on your TV, use the following steps:

  • Go to Settings General Menu About TV TV Information Serial Number
  • Or Settings More (three dots) > TV Support Information

Use the following guide for LG OLED Smart TVs.

You can find the model year designation after the screen size and TV model designations in the model number.

Model Year Designations:

  • 8: 2018
  • 9: 2019
  • X: 2020
  • 1: 2021
  • 2: 2022

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How can I check my WebOS version?

To find your webOS version, on your LG TV, go to Settings Quick Settings General About this TV webOS TV Version.

Ready to start streaming?

Find instructions for installing the fuboTV app on your LG Smart TV here.

If you need to create a fuboTV account, visit fubo.tv/welcome to get started


1. Clicking on SIGN IN will bring you to the screen login options.

Main sign in screen for the FuboTV app on LG TV with options to sign in or get signup details

2. Use SIGN IN WITH EMAIL to sign in using the onscreen keyboard

Manual sign in screen for the FuboTV app on LG TV; sign in by entering email and password using the remote and on-screen keyboard

3. Use SIGN IN WITH A CODE to sign in by entering a code on the fubo.tv website

    • Code shown is only an example

Sign in code for FuboTV on LG TV; visit fubo.tv/connect from a computer or mobile device to activate the app on LG TV


  • Sports is your gateway to all the great sports content on fuboTV. Scroll through all the sports currently on fuboTV
  • Browse headline matchups and all matches that are live or upcoming
  • Scroll down to select a sport and narrow down the results

fuboTV App

FuboTV, the top live TV streaming network in the world focused on sports, is now available to LG subscribers.If you have an LG Smart TV and want to try out fuboTV for free, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the fuboTV app.

The fuboTV app on LG Smart TVs offers a premium viewing experience with popular features including:

  • Profiles: up to six users within a subscription can personalize their fuboTV experience. Profiles allow each individual user to have their own set of recordings (which never expire), personalized recommendations, and a guide that is unique to their content preferences.
  • Customizable Guide: users on the LG Smart TV app will be able to “favorite” channels and move their top selections to the front of their guide, making sure they can easily access the content that is most important to them.
  • Record Series: this “set it and forget it” feature allows users to record an entire series with one click, and no longer have to worry about missing an episode of their favorite show.
  • Record Teams: users can keep up with all of their favorite teams without having to worry about missing any of the action. With just one click, users can record all games for a specific team to watch anytime.
  • Watch Next: fuboTV’s new Watch Next feature lets users easily binge a series. Once an episode ends they will automatically have the next episode suggested to them – making binge watching even easier!