Free Secure Anonymous Email : Send Secure Anonymous Email

Free Secure Anonymous Email : Send Secure Anonymous Email

How to Send an Anonymous Email

1. Install an Anonymous Browser

If you want the next level security, then installing a browser like TOR is recommended. Also, read our guide on Is Tor a Safe browser to know moreTor browser never saves your browsing history and keeps all your browsing activities private.

TOR browser is safe because it lets your data pass through various nodes before finally transmitting to the open internet and keeps your IP address masked.

2. Create a New Email Account

You can send email anonymously by creating a new email account with any email service like Yahoo or Gmail.

While creating a new account, don’t add any personal information that could help in recognizing you.  You can add fake information related to your address, D.O.B, and name.

Your selected email service might ask you to use your real phone number for the verification code. Think an alternative; otherwise it may reveal your real identity.

3. Create a Burner email Account

A burner email account allows you to send anonymous email without leaking your identity. After a certain period, burner email accounts get expired. You can also send message without having to create an account using a burner email.

You can choose any email service to send anonymous emails, depending on your needs. Either select a “Send only” service or “Receive only” service. Such services offer you a public address and later gets expired.

4. Go for the Encrypted Email

Encrypted email services are very much similar to your regular email service, but, it functions differently. It encrypts your inbox along with all the emails and contact lists. The strong encryption keeps your email content way from anyone who is snooping around.

With strong encryption, the email provider cannot access your inbox. Also, keep a check of the most secure email providers to continue sending protected emails. Encrypted email accounts are supposed to be a proven way to secure and private online communication.

5. Get Connected to a VPN

There are various ways to maintain your email anonymity, but always get connected to the VPN.

When you send an email with all the privacy features activated; still there are chances of being caught through your IP address. Therefore, a VPN is required to obscure your IP address and location 100%.

When you use a VPN, it transmits your traffic via the VPN server, in this way, your recipient can only access your VPN server’s IP, and not your real IP address is revealed.

It is also imperative to select a trusted VPN provider like FastestVPN, who guarantees not to keep logs of your online activities.

Free and unreliable VPN sell your browsing data to third-party advertisers to make money from that. On the other hand FastestVPN follows a strict no-logs policy and never records or sell users’ browsing history.

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