Free Fire OB28 Update on 8 June : Official Patch Notes & Maintenance Break Time Revealed

Free Fire OB28 Update on 8 June

Free Fire’s (FF) OB28 update is scheduled to release on June 8, 2021. This new update will bring many new changes to the game, such as a new character, new pet, new mechanisms, and much more. This post will share the official patch notes of the OB28 update coming this Tuesday.


Free Fire June 8 (OB28 Update) Maintenance Break Time:

Similar to the previous OB update, before the release of the OB28 update, the servers will also be taken down to smoothening the process of adding new features to the game mechanism. On June 8, 2021, the maintenance break for the OB28 patch update shall be from 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST. During this period, players will not be able to log in and play the game.

OB28 Update

Why Is Free Fire Not Opening Today on June 8, 2021?

On June 8, 2021, every player must be thinking that why is Free Fire not opening today? So let us tell you that developers have to take down the game’s servers to add new features. So on June 8, 2021, developers have taken down the servers between 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST to introduce new features of the OB28 update.

Free Fire 8 June Update Patch Notes:

1. Clash Squad

Rank Season 7

 Season starts 09/06 17:00 SGT

“Clash Squad Season 7 is here! Rank up to Gold III or above to receive the Clash Squad exclusive item – The Golden M1014”

Also being added a new rank “Grandmaster” on the Clash Squad. Players must challenge themselves to be among the top 1000 Master players to earn the Challenging Badge! In addition, the new ranked season is available from June 9, 2021, to August 5, 2021.

New rank: the top 1000 master players will now be promoted to “Grandmaster”.

 Grandmaster I: 1st to 100th players
 Grandmaster II: 101st to 300th best players
 Grandmaster III: 301st to 1000th best players

2. Vending Machine

 Loot and purchase limit adjustment.
“We’re adding more items to the vending machine so that it has enough items to meet battle needs. We’re also adding personal purchase limits on some of the consumables and more valuable items to prevent players from accumulating utilities at the end of the game. “

 Added armor repair kit to the vending machine.

 Increased purchase limit for some items.

 Optimized the “loot” in the ground so that it doesn’t overlap the vending machine.

3. Return Area

  • Difficulty adjustment.

“Reviving teammates through the return areas isn’t as challenging as expected. We’re increasing the difficulty of capturing the return areas to ensure that every revive in Battle Royale comes at a cost.”

4. Ranked Point Adjustment

  • Adjust the sum of points.

“Since we introduced the revive system in ranked mode, we’ve realized that the difficulty of getting rank points has become significantly more difficult because opponents now have opportunities to return to the battlefield. highly ranked to ensure that the overall difficulty of moving up ranks is a little less than before.”

  • In short, it increased the total sum of points in the rank.

5. Training Island

  • Updated maps and mini-games, new features available.

“We are adding more features to Training Island in this update based on player feedback. First, we are increasing the capacity of Training Island so that players can meet with more players. We are also adding some social features, including Emojis, leaderboards, and a lap timer on the race track. Participate and check it out!”

  • Increased the capacity of the Training Camps of 20-> 25;
  • Added Airship in the social zone, enter the airship through the portal near the front;
  • Added bumper cars on the race track;
  • Added a lap timer on the race track;
  • Added a Combat Zone Kill Score Table.

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server APK download link – How to Register, Login and Download

6. Pet Rumble Mode

  • Game features update: matchmaking, new mini-game, and new skill available.

“The early access of the Pets Spree was very well received by players in the last update. We’re making this mode available to all players via matchmaking right after the update so everyone can queue up and have fun! Plus, we’ve added 4 mini-games for the games! scientists complete, tell us which one is your favorite!”

  • Matchmaking available from June 9, 2021. With this, the game is no longer a custom room, to become a common game mode, just like Clash Squad.
  • 4 new mini-games were added to the scientists’ tasks.
  • New skill “Trap” available for bucks.

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7. Weapon and Balance

I. New Grenade – Ice Grenade

  • Available in Battle Royale & Clash Squad!

“Introducing the Ice Grenade, a utility grenade that will explode and leave an aura that deals damage over time after it explodes. The Ice Grenade will be a good tool to force enemies out of hiding.”

Initially, check out the stats and how the new Free Fire Ice Grenade works:

  • Explosive Damage: 100
  • Explosion radius: 5 meters
  • Radius of frozen ice: 5 meters
  • Duration of ice aura: 10 seconds

Optimization & Bug Fixes

  • The backpack can now be displayed in the lobby via settings.
  • Optimized in-game item ping feature.
  • Optimization of the mode selection menu display.
  • Optimized animation display for Katana.
  • Optimized the background for the character page.
  • The level requirement will no longer be necessary when awakening a character.
  • Adjusted stat display in Battle Royale and ranked Clash Squad Interface.
  • Optimized buttons displayed on game HUD.
  • Players can now turn on/off the vending machine and return area points on the minimap.
  • Removed bug where Clash Squad Rank when shield exceeded 100.
  • Players can now choose which rank to display in the Ranked Interface.