Fox Bet Live : In the end, will Aaron Rodgers’ patience pay off?

Fox Bet Live : In the end, will Aaron Rodgers’ patience pay off?

A few wise words greeted Aaron Rodgers after his five-hour wait to walk across the stage of the Javits Center in New York in April 2005.


At No. 24, he was waiting for the quarterback from Cal who’d fallen from being a potential No. 1 pick to a painfully embarrassing No. 24 pick after spending all that time alone in the long-empty green room of the NFL draught.

As he shook Rodgers’ hand and patted his arm, Tagliabue said, “Good things come to those who wait.

Rodgers was no stranger to waiting back then, and there would be plenty more of it to come in the years ahead. Rodgers’ big break in college didn’t come right away after he graduated high school; he spent a year at Butte Community College before transferring to California.

Rodgers spent three years in the NFL learning from Brett Favre before being given the chance to lead the Green Bay Packers. In the end, Tagliabue was correct. Rodgers has had a successful career, having won three MVP awards and a Super Bowl championship in the previous decade.

Aaron Rodgers

The three weeks between now and the next meaningful game for the Packers are short in comparison to all the patience he has had to put up with thus far.

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When you’re in your late 30s or 40s, patience is a different concept. There is a sense of urgency and immediacy about the Packers and their quest for a championship, despite the recent positivity surrounding the franchise and the way that Rodgers’ relationship with key members of the organisation appears to have been patched up.

The knowledge that this is Rodgers’ final season in Green Bay has served as a source of inspiration throughout the season. In light of recent developments, the team would be wise to continue to plan for his return next season even if it now appears unlikely.

While Green Bay’s window of opportunity is not indefinite, it would be a shock if Aaron Rodgers were to leave for another team now.

Lambeau Field will once again serve as the gateway to Super Bowl glory after Sunday’s emphatic win over the Minnesota Vikings clinched the NFC’s top seed with a week to spare. However, as last year’s NFC Championship loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers demonstrated, such things confer no guarantees.

Even though Randall Cobb, Jaire Alexander, and David Bakhtiari all appear to be on their way back, the Packers’ first-round bye will be a welcomed relief.

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