Florida Blue Medicare nationsbenefits com Activate Card

Florida Blue Medicare nationsbenefits com Activate Card

Florida Blue Medicare OTC Card can be activated by login into the webpage floridabluemedicare.nationsbenefits.com and then click on Activate Card button on the top.

Activate Card

Once you receive and activate your card, you can start using it online through the MyBenefits portal and the MyBenefits app and/or in person at a participating retail location near you. When at a retail location, simply swipe your card for payment.

1. Visit floridabluemedicare.nationsbenefits.com or call 877-270-4569 (TTY: 711).

2. Enter the 16 digit card number and expiration date of your Benefits Mastercard® Prepaid Card

3. Your 12-digit member ID contains 2 letters and 10 numbers.

4. Enter your Date of Birth and Last Name provided to your health plan during enrollment.

5. Click on Activate Card Button to activate your card.

Florida Blue Medicare nationsbenefits Card activate

Florida Blue Medicare is health insurance sponsored by the federal government for people 65 and older, or those under 65 who may qualify, if they have certain disabilities or conditions.

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Medicare was first introduced in 1965 as Parts A and B, often known as Original Medicare. Later, when people’s needs evolved, Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Part C) and Part D prescription medication coverage were added. Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription medication plans, in contrast to Original Medicare, are private health insurance plans offered by organisations like Florida Blue.

What are the different parts of Medicare?

Original Medicare: Parts A & B

Original Medicare consists of Parts A and B. These are sponsored by the federal government. Medicare Part A covers hospital stays and inpatient care like  skilled nursing facilities. Medicare Part B covers visits to your doctor, preventive health screenings, durable medical equipment and more. Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover all of your medical expenses. Because of this, other Medicare plans exist to help provide additional coverage.

Medicare Advantage: Part C

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are an all-in-one plan offered by private health insurance companies. Medicare Advantage health plans include the same coverage as Original Medicare, plus extras like vision, hearing and dental care. Some Medicare Advantage plans also include Part D prescription drug coverage.

Prescription Drug: Part D

Medicare Part D, or prescription drug coverage, plans are also offered by private insurance health companies. They offer coverage for your prescription drug including medications prescribed by your doctor and some vaccines.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

Medicare Supplement plans, often called Medigap, help pay some out of pocket costs not covered by Original Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Supplement plans are private insurance plans. Most people who choose a Medicare Supplement policy also choose a Medicare Part D plan, too.


Is Medicare part of Medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid are different government funded health care programs. Medicare is a federal health insurance program open to everyone over 65 and people under 65 with certain conditions and disabilities. Medicaid is a state managed, needs based program, and benefits are determined based on individuals financial and medical needs. Some people are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid programs. If you are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, you may be able to get a special type of Medicare Advantage plan, called a dual-eligible special needs plan (DSNP).

About to turn age 65? What does being new to Medicare look like?

Knowing when and how to sign up for Medicare can help you get through enrollment with ease. Whether you’re under 65, turning 65 today or working past 65, we can help you understand your Medicare choices every step of the way.

Medicare enrollment doesn’t automatically happen when you turn 65. You can enroll in Medicare anytime during your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). This is the 7-month window when you can enroll in Medicare when you become eligible for Medicare.

Your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP):

  • Starts 3 months before the month you turn 65
  • Includes the month you turn 65
  • Ends 3 months after the month you turn 65

You will be enrolled in Medicare Part A automatically if you sign up to receive Social Security benefits. You’ll also get to choose if you want to enroll in Medicare Part B. Make sure to enroll in Medicare as soon as you are eligible or you may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty.

Health coverage is offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., DBA Florida Blue. HMO coverage is offered by Florida Blue Medicare, Inc., DBA Florida Blue Medicare. These companies are affiliates of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc., and Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Dental, Life and Disability are offered by Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc., DBA Florida Combined Life. These companies are Independent Licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.