flexotc .com Anthem Sign In : Log in to your Anthem Account for NEW Flex Card 2023

flexotc .com Anthem Sign In : Log in to your Anthem Account for NEW Flex Card 2023

Anthem Blue Cross BlueShield has partnered with NationsBenefits (flex otc.com Anthem) to offer you an Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefit with access to hundreds of approved health and wellness items.


AEP 2023 is bringing big changes to how your current & prospective clients access popular benefits like OTC, Healthy Grocery, Flex Accounts, and MORE! Now all their spending allowance-based benefits and funds will be accessible through ONE Benefits Mastercard® Prepaid Card! Your clients will enjoy using a proven and familiar benefits prepaid card they can use as debit or credit (no PIN required).

This easy-to-use card is automatically loaded with the monthly, quarterly, or annual benefits included in their Medicare Advantage plan. That means they can begin shopping as soon as their plan is effective.

One, integrated call center supports your client’s questions about all of their plan’s spending allowance-based benefits.

*Note – flex otc.com Anthem Benefits vary by plan and member eligibility. Members will still have a separate member ID card for their Medicare Advantage plan medical benefits.

How To Use Your Anthem Medicare Advantage Benefits Prepaid Card For Your Over-The-Counter Benefits

Thanks to Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, you receive benefits on many over-the-counter (OTC) health items you use every day. Conveniently shop for OTC products in-store, online, by phone, or by mail.

Where Can I Use My Benefits Prepaid Card?

Your Benefits Prepaid Card can be used to purchase eligible OTC items at participating retail stores in-person. You can also order products online, by phone, or by mail exclusively through our OTC partner, NationsBenefits, and get them delivered to your home at no additional cost.

Please note: Your Benefits Prepaid Card is not accepted at online retailers like Walmart.com, but in-store purchases are accepted.

What Does The OTC Benefit Cover?

Your OTC benefit can be used to shop for both brand-name and generic health and wellness products like vitamins, pain relievers, cold medicine, first aid supplies, and more. For more information on what specific items are available to you, log in to your NationsBenefits account.

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

How Do You Switch To An Anthem Digital ID Card?

Opt in to a digital ID card on the Sydney Health app:-

  • Select “More”
  • Go to “Profile” under “Personal info”
  • Select “Mobile ID cards” under “Communication preferences”
  • Select preference and update (On=Digital, Off=Printed cards mailed)

How Do You Use Your Digital Anthem Insurance Card For Appointments?

In addition to being able to bring your Anthem insurance card up on your phone, you can also provide information from your mobile device or computer in one of the following ways:

  • Email or fax your digital insurance card information to your healthcare provider.
  • Upload your information to a patient portal.
  • Upload a digital copy at an online check-in.

What If You Need A Printed Anthem Insurance Card For An Appointment?

Before the appointment, you can print a temporary card.

What If You Lose Your Anthem Insurance Card?

The My Health Records feature in the Anthem Sydney app gives you access to your health data. You can request a new Anthem ID card by calling 800-676-BLUE (2583) or print a new card online. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Anthem account
  • Click on “Customer Care”
  • Select “Request an ID card” and follow the instructions. Your insurance card will be delivered within 10-14 business days

Have these items handy, then click GetCertified.Anthem.com to get started!

  • Last 4 digits of your SSN & Date of Birth
  • Your NPN Number
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address

Certification Reminders

  • Start by going to GetCertified.Anthem.com on or after Tuesday, June 28, 2022
  • After clicking on the Medicare Certification Center link and signing in, enter access code External-SelfReg (include the hyphen with no extra spaces).
  • Once the core Medicare training is completed, be sure to complete Compliance and Product training courses for each product you intend to sell


  1. The new OTC web page is absolutely useless!
    Can’t access it at all. Got my card activated now can’t use it.
    They should have left it alone.

  2. This is ridiculous I place my order on 01-10-2023 and still haven’t received it they need too go back too the old way

    • I placed one on 1/12 and have not received it either.i agree they need to back to the old way. It’s ashame Anthem chooses such a lousy company.

  3. Ordered online Jan.14th, called no way to check on it from website. 55 Min. wait for call to be answered !!
    Can’t get back to website flexotc.com is useless , even if I could get to it!
    old way was so simple, guess you get what you pay for, no doubt this is a MUCH cheaper Company for Anthem to deal with

  4. Cannot get in the OTC account called support useless need to have somebody to fix this issue and get back to me ASAP or at least by Tuesday



  7. This is ridiculous. It takes you to page after page of useless information. I could not get to a page to order anything.
    Whomever set up this system for Anthem should be terminated!

  8. this is terrible. anthem needs to fix this. the only thing i like is there is a better variety to choose from and more name brand items. besides that, the online system is terrible.

  9. What a mess. Tried calling to be able to use my card but Walmart said the card doesn’t work. Walmart said a lot of people are having issues. When we called they blamed Walmart. While on hold the advisor was talking about me with a guy and did not know I could hear them and then did not want to answer my questions of name guy they were talking to and their name. She would not let me speak to someone above her. Said there was no one working above her, I find that hard to believe. Also found out their system is down so can’t even order online. Asked if it’s down until November will they add this month to next months and they said no. Said it can not be used on fresh fruit or even milk. Last year it was a great plan, so far this year it is terrible.

    • I agree with everything everyone has said. My experience with this card has been terrible. Went to Kroeger to my frozen waffles and cornbread mix and the card didn’t work. Have the line backed up while the cashier and supervisor tried to fix the issue to no avail. Told them nation’s benefits said to use card like credit card and still didn’t work. When I called I was told I couldn’t get frozen waffles only waffle mix and cornbread mix wasn’t on list however I could buy toaster pastries(pop tarts) which aren’t healthy in the least. Also you can’t buy bread or bagels. This new system is absolutely lousy and I wonder what we as members can do. Plus you can’t order OTC products from Walmart and when you go in the store you don’t know what you can purchase because the book is too vague. I ask the rep at nations benefit if she could email or mail me the list of products and she told me no. This is a complete sham. I was told the healthy grocery benefits would roll over to next month but I do t believe it so I’m going to try to buy as much stuff as I can even if I have to give it away.

  10. I spent several hours last night trying to login. These are the messages I kept receiving “Member ID invalid”, email address invalid” “ last four digits of social incorrect”. Same messages over and over. The only think I could even verify was that there was money on the card but, what good is it if you can’t use it. Tried again today and same messages. Last year it was simple to activate, login, and order items online. I am so very disappointed in this new system that we have no access to.

    • I’m having the same problem!!This is irresponsible on anthems part! I have no idea what items are covered due to the fact I can’t access the websites if it even actually exists.

  11. sago back to 2022 system much better choices &100% customer service this new system is usless no service & limeted choice

  12. Pretty much going through the same thing.I can’t login successfully, and the people you talk to can’t help.I just hope that i can use the other part of the card that’s for vision, dental and hearing.

  13. I am in my second day of trying to use this new card on computer. There is
    no way I have found that will let me log in. The new catalog does not
    specify products I can purchase at Walmart and I do not want to take things
    to the checkout and have them be refused and hold up other customers.
    This is terribly complicated. I do appreciate my policy benefits thus far
    but this is mind boggling. HELP

  14. I agree with everyone.This new system is bad.Ordered and flexotc.com and I am still waiting 2weeks for a confirmation that my order was made or. When it will be delivered. What is the problem.

  15. I was reading all the comments about the Anthem OTC card.I called yesterday 01/24/2023 and spoke to customer service to let them know that i had not received my card in the mail yet.The lady i spoke with told me that i have 125.00 that i need to use,because it does’nt roll over.So she took my order over the phone which was fine with me.She put me on hold for about 10 mins,when she got back on the phone,she said she was able to place the order,but the funny thing was the system never gave her a confirmation number.So now i’m wondering did my order go through.She said it takes 7-10 days for my order to be delived.Guess i just wait to see the outcome??????Without that confirmation number,i won’t be able to track my order

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    I know in Chicago and and big cities they all know who the Tam hats are !!!!
    Use your head !!!!!
    Push buttons or we’re just going to leave the choice is yours. We had wonderful food and it went all smooth when the pandemic was around. You either want to get your money or you don’t want to get your money it’s your money spend it wisely. There’s no reason to have such a shoddy system compared to the system we had in 2022 it was smooth.M.H. 😃

  17. this is rediculos this new plan is impossible I loved the old way. Tried to use it twice at the store and The store wouldn’t allow me to use the card it kept saying not accepted. hopefully they fix this problem

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