families.youtube.com | Youtube TV Family Sharing

families.youtube.com | Youtube TV Family Sharing

YouTube is excited to share a new way for your family to enjoy the videos that they love on the big screen at families.youtube.com.

When using the YouTube app on a smart TV, streaming device or game console, you will now be able to enter the safer, designed-for-children YouTube Kids app through your child’s YouTube Kids profile. This change will be rolling out to families over the next few weeks.

‌When on the accounts tab, you can easily toggle between your profile and your child’s profile, which will take you directly into the YouTube Kids app with your existing parental controls, content settings and child’s preferences ready to go. This means a seamless transition from your YouTube profile to your child’s YouTube Kids profile and less navigation with a remote.

‌For simplicity, we will now show your existing YouTube Kids profiles on your accounts page within the YouTube app on smart TVs, streaming devices and game consoles. If YouTube Kids is no longer the viewing experience that you want for your child, you can easily delete the profiles by visiting families.youtube.com, selecting your child’s profile and clicking on the three-dot menu. Note that deleting the profiles will delete them from all devices.

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‌If your child is ready to move on from YouTube Kids, you can learn more about our supervised experience for tweens on YouTube.

1. Create a supervised Google Account for your child to use YouTube

Link your child’s account to your own account to manage the experience.

2. Choose from three content settings

Generally aligns with content ratings by age, starting at 9+.

3. Set parental controls

Block channels, adjust time limits with Google’s Family Link app, and more.

4. Before they explore, help them become safe, prepared users of YouTube

Explore the parent guide to start the conversation.

5. Limited features available in our beta experience.

YouTube continue to work with parents and industry experts to introduce more features like comments

YouTube (parent supervised experience) contains a vast number of videos and is significantly larger than our separate YouTube Kids app. Our systems work hard to prevent inappropriate content, but are not perfect and will make mistakes. Some videos may be unsuitable for kids. If you prefer a more limited experience for your child, YouTube Kids may be a better option.


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An app made just for kids

A separate app built from the ground up to be a safer and simpler experience for kids to explore, with tools for parents and caregivers to guide their journey.

Create individual profiles as unique as your kids

With personalized content selections and settings

Choose a content level based on your kid’s age

Select a preferred experience for ages 4 and under, 5-8, or 9-12

Give them even more to explore

Find content from YouTube and share it directly with your child in YouTube Kids

Set screen time limits, block videos, and more

Parental controls to manage your family’s experience

Fun on every screen

Enjoy YouTube Kids on mobile, desktop, and Smart TVs

YouTube Kids has a much smaller set of content available than YouTube’s main app and website. We work hard to keep videos on YouTube Kids family-friendly and use a mix of automated filters built by our engineering teams, human review, and feedback from parents to protect our community. But not all videos have been manually reviewed. If you find something inappropriate that we missed, you can flag it for fast review. This makes the app better for everyone.