Facebook Session Expired : Facebook Logged Me Out

Facebook Session Expired : Facebook Logged Me Out

It seems like the Facebook outage was impacting customers on both desktop and mobile devices. Attempts to log in were met with error messages.

On Tuesday, many users were unable to access Meta-owned platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads due to technical concerns. Because of the downtime, some social networking sites aren’t working well.

Facebook Logged Me Out

Many users have reported problems, including being locked out of Facebook and unable to re-enter their credentials. Similar issues are plaguing Instagram users, who are unable to refresh their feeds and who are also seeing stories and comments that do not load for some. Similarly, Meta’s Threads app is crashing and giving an error message when you try to launch it.

As soon as the problem began, reports on DownDetector—a website that monitors internet service outages—sprang up sharply for all three platforms. Meta has not formally acknowledged the issue, despite the numerous customer concerns.

On Tuesday night, users in India and throughout the globe experienced outages on the social networking sites Facebook and Instagram. Both of these systems had user complaints regarding login difficulties. They hadn’t logged onto Instagram or Facebook. Instagram page refreshes were not working for some users. Password changes were also requested of numerous individuals.

The website that aggregates status data from many sources, including users, tracks outages. More than 300,000 people reported Facebook downtime, and more than 20,000 people reported Instagram downtime.

In response to the ouatge on Facebook and Instagram, hundreds of users flocked to microblogging service X, which was once Twitter. “Is Meta down or am I being hacked? My Instagram isn’t loading and my Facebook is also showing “session locked out.”” One unhappy user said. Someone else added, “For a second, I thought my Facebook and Instagram were hacked.”