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Initially, the Civil Supplies Department was just a regulatory agency. Following that, its activities were expanded to include food grain procurement under the Minimum Support Price (MSP), distribution of essential commodities such as rice, wheat, sugar, kerosene, palm oil, and red gramme dal at subsidised rates through Fair Price Shops under the Public Distribution System, consumer affairs, and price monitoring of essential commodities.


Civil Supplies of A.P. 1. Look for an old/new RC number. Replace the old RC Number 2 with the new one. Select the search option.


The application procedure is as follows:

(Ration card number) as a search criterion:

If a certain application needs to see/process something. If the ration card application is pending with the login user, it will show up in the dash board if you type in the ration card number and click the search button.

Select any action from the list and click the action search button if the login user only wants to see/attend specific action situations. For MRO login, there are three types of actions possible (view Assign, view decide, view migrate). For Inspector login, just one action will be available (View and verify report). All cases is the default action.

Details for logging in:

1. Fill in your user name.

2. Type your password in.

3. Fill in the Captcha

4. Select the Login option.

To clear the pending cases, go to Action Status. Choose the type of sla from the drop-down menu and press the action search button. All cases is the default selection.

Ration Card Mutations Services : Search Criteria

** Ration Card Member Addition

** Ration Card Member Migration

** Ration Card Missing Details in Data Base

** Ration Card Modifications (Address Change & Member Modifications)

** Ration Card Transfer Application

** Surrender of Ration Card

** Conversion White to Pink Card

Applicant must submit any of the aforesaid mutation service applications, with with all relevant documentation, to Mee Seva kiosk. The same application and submitted papers are available in ePDS for Tahsildar/Inspector login in ePDS for further processing.

Login Procedures for Tahasildars, ASOs, and Inspectors

Step 1: Select the food and supply office from the circle menu (From left side of panel)

Step 2 For Tahsildar login, choose MRO or ASO, and for Inspector login, choose Inspector.

Step 3: Type the user name for Mro/ASO/Inspector.

Step 4: Enter your password.

Step 5 To log into the ePDS Site, type the text letters and click submit.

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