Enjoy streaming Google Play Movies on Roku

Enjoy streaming Google Play Movies on Roku

Stream Google Play Movies channel on Roku to relish the latest movies and TV shows. Select the channel from TV and movies category and add it to your Roku account. There are lots of program categories such as adventure, action, thrillers and Horror movies and many more. Choose the best one that suits your interest and enjoy streaming.

Channel’s program categories


There are other programs apart from the movies and TV shows. Select the best one from the list

  • New movie releases
  • Family Favorites
  • 99 cent movie rentals
  • Lots of laughs
  • Action\adventure
  • Horror

How to watch Google Play Movies

  • Set up the streaming device
  • Connect the streaming device to HDMI port of the TV
  • To get excellent results, use a good quality HDMI cable or premium cables
  • Try using composite cables, if you have an older version of Roku TV
  • Open the Google Play Movies and TV app
  • Click on the add channel option to add Google Play Movies
  • Go to the webpage play.google.com\roku and type the activation code
  • Select the continue option
  • A page will be visible where you can confirm the payment method
  • The next step will prompt you to set the Google pin. Also, there are options to reset the Google PIN
  • Go back to the Roku home screen to search your favorite programs

You can access the channel only from United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Australia.

Tips to avoid channel activation Errors

Create a new Google account

If you find any errors when you watch the channel, create a new Google account and login to start the activation process. Here is how you can switch to a different account

  • Open the app on your streaming device
  • Go to the Settings >Sign out >sign in
  • Use your web browser and go to the link play.google.com\roku
  • Login to the new account
  • Check the Network connection
  • You must have a high-speed internet connection to watch the channel. Always make sure that your router has maximum speed 
  • Try not to connect multiple streaming devices to the Router
  • Use wireless range extenders to improve the wireless signal
  • Check the Roku account and Google account
  • Verify if that the account is active
  • Also, provide a valid code to create the account

Restart the streaming device

  • Remove all the power cables from your device and connect it back again
  • Turn on your device and on it again

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