Enabling Pay per View on Roku

Enabling Pay per View on Roku

The article deals on How to screen pay per view on Roku for gratis. Hope this technique might keep the user’s pocket safe. The user can utilise the Virtual Private Network VPN Enabling Pay per View on Roku. The roku.com/ link can be used to create the user’s Roku account. When the user use a VPN then user automatically procure the IP address of the device and allows access for gratis.

The UFC 217 platform streams martial arts and fight events from different parts of the world. These programs are usually telecasted in live only in the local regions and you have to be a local resident to be able to watch it. There few ways to watch this through Roku. User can stream nail biting fights as pay per view program while using the Roku device. 


UFC TV Channel

  • The user needs to search for the UFC TV channel on the channel store and then they need to add it to their Roku account created using roku.com/link.
  • The UFC TV is a paid subscription channel and hence user needs to pay their subscription amount to add this channel to the Roku account. The Roku account already having the card details of the user can effortless pay their subscription. According to their account setting they can either be directly charged or PIN number is required.
  • Else the user would be asked to enter their card details once again for subscribing paid channels.

The user can stick to the steps given below to watch pay per view on Roku for gratis.

  • The user needs to initially subscribe the VPN service.
  • Then they need to configure the virtual private network on their network’s router.
  • The user should ensure that the same router is connected with their Roku device. The user needs to log in into the respective Roku accounts using the Roku com link
  • Once the configuration is complete the user can connect to the VPN server.
  • User can also acquire a UFC Fight Pass from the website.
  • The user can navigate through the Roku browser from there they could visit the UFC official website and search and add stream as per the users choice.

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