Elden Ring Multiplayer Mod : How To Update Seamless Co-Op Elden Ring

Elden Ring Multiplayer Mod : How To Update Seamless Co-Op Elden Ring

For Elden Ring, a mod is currently being developed that will enhance the game’s cooperative features. It’s been in the works for a while, but on May 27 there will finally be a public beta. Some of the mod’s unique features have been previewed on the YouTube channel of the mod’s designer, LukeYui.


The cooperative features of Elden Ring aren’t particularly robust. It is entirely feasible to call in reinforcements to assist you defeat a particularly challenging boss. However, if you and a friend planned on completing most of the game together, you’ll be disappointed. After defeating a boss in Elden Ring, the player gets kicked out and can only return to certain areas of the open world. The aim of LukeYui’s seamless co-op patch is to address these concerns.

Gather your pals for Elden Ring’s cooperative overhaul.

The most recent video by LukeYui showcases a number of the mod’s most notable additions. Right off the outset, the fact that both players can now ride Torrent is a huge improvement. Exploring is more of a chore when neither player has access to Torrent unless the mod is installed. When players work together to take down a boss, they all benefit from the pooled prize. And if a friend is being really obnoxious, you can always turn on the PvP mode to show them how it’s done.

Modification for Cooperation in Elden’s Ring

Elden Ring co-op mod

As an added bonus, LukeYui provided a short Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in the discussion thread, which addresses some important topics. The fact that using Elden Ring’s co-op mod will not get you kicked from the original game is an essential piece of information. It has its own launcher and doesn’t make use of FromSoftware’s online features. The mod’s shared progress across players is also a wonderful feature. Only your actions in that player’s realm will count toward this. If you are specifically tasked with eliminating a boss from your universe, for instance, the boss’s elimination will be the only consequence.

Elden Ring’s co-op mod adds a lot more features than that, but you’ll have to try it out for yourself to see them all. On May 27th, you can access the public beta on Nexus Mods.

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