DSTV App Download Free Download : DSTV Code Activation Process Step by Step

DSTV App Download Free Download : DSTV Code Activation Process Step by Step

As Africa’s leading entertainment company, Multichoice create and secure the rights to phenomenal content from all over the world. This gets delivered through Multichoice Direct To Home (DTH), Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and online video entertainment services.

DSTV App Download Free Download

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Multichoice entertainment platforms – DStv, GOtv, Showmax and DStv Now – are a hub for approximately 14 million people across 50 countries. Through Irdeto, we‘re a world leader in digital platform security for video entertainment, video games, connected transport and IoT connected industries.

Thanks to Multichoice phenomenal products and services, they’re able to create thousands of jobs and invest heavily in Africa’s film and TV industry, as well as contribute to the economies of the countries where operate. Unlike other entertainment providers, we’re rooted in the countries where our customers live. Every story Multichoice tell and every decision Multichoice make has Multichoice customers at its heart.

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How to Activate DSTV

1. DSTv’s official website on your cellular device or another gadget and sign up for it.

2. You’ll get the Now as soon as you sign up.

3. Tv Code Activation for Dstv.Com (DSTV)

4. Make a switch in your Smart TV so that the DSTv Now app can be installed there.

5. Go to your favourite app store and download the DSTv Now app.

6. Open the app once it has been installed.

7. This will carry the realm the place the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code enter choice

8. Entering the Dstv.Com/Tv Code will reveal your available options.

9. You’ll need to enter the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code that you got when you signed up on the official web site right here.

10. It is possible to stream an unlimited number of movies and shows using the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation code.

Setup Pairing

Setup Pairing screen is used for pairing Smart Cards with Decoders. In the system, if single STB exists for a customer, then the pairing can be done implicitly. But for more than one STB, the smart cards and decoders are paired explicitly.

Through this screen an existing pairing can also be modified or cancelled.

To pair smart cards with decoders:

  1. On the Provisioning module, click Setup Pairing.
  2. Retrieve details of the customer. The details like Customer Name, available smart card and decoder details appear in Pairing Details table.
  3. To do a pairing, click the Add link in Pairing Details table.
  4. Select the type of smart card from SmartCard Code drop down. All the available smart card numbers of the specific type appear in SmartCard No. drop down. Select the required number to be paired with decoder.
  5. Select the type of decoder from Decoder Code drop down. All the available decoder numbers of the specific type appear in Decoder No. drop down. Select the required number to be paired with the selected smart card.
  6. Click the Save button to pair the selected smart card with the decoder.
  7. To cancel any existing pairing, select the check box against the pair and click the Update link. Finally click the Save button to remove the pairing details.
  8. To modify an existing paring, click the Edit (pencil) symbol against a pairing. The paring details appear in edit mode. Modify the details and click the Save button to apply the modification.

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