Download Minecraft 1.17.30 Bedrock Update Today : Download Minecraft APK Files

Download Minecraft 1.17.30  Bedrock Update Today : Download Minecraft  APK Files

It’s time for the Minecraft 1.17.30 update! The team has been working hard on bug fixes and changes to the Caves & Cliffs: Part I experience. Those who are feeling adventurous can even check out experimental world generation to discover the highest peaks and deepest caves. Read all about it below!

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Please search for any bugs you find on and let us know what you think at


New Features:

Respawn Blocks Explode Game Rule

  • Added the “Respawn Blocks Explode” game rule, which can be used to prevent Respawn Anchors and Beds from exploding (MCPE-76687)

Structure Block: Corner Mode

  • Corner Mode is used with the Detect button in Save Mode to define the area to save. It will only detect Corner Blocks with the same name as the structure being saved

Experimental Features:

More experimental features from Caves & Cliffs: Part II are available in this update and can be enabled on the world creation screen!

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at

Monster Spawning

  • Monsters now only spawn in complete darkness
  • This change is being made to balance the player’s ability to light up the new larger caves and make them safe from monster spawning
  • Note that this change only affects block-light and not sky light
  • Please send us your feedback on this change at!

Multi Noise World Generation

  • New and improved terrain and biome generation algorithm that creates more natural terrain and biome transitions
  • Improved surface decoration that detects the difference between when blocks are generated underwater and underground
  • Introduces large ore veins to world generation adding more strategy to mining
  • Introduces noodle caves to world generation, creating small pathways between bigger caves
  • Introduces the possibility of dry cave entrances that make it easier to access the new noise caves
  • Introduces a new algorithm that finds suitable spawn positions closer to origin
  • Added logic to save and load SubChunks by absolute Y index to support data-driven dimension height ranges


  • Updated the Achievements button and moved from the Profile screen to the Main Menu and Pause screens

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