DJ Akademiks Podcast : Livingston Allen (popularly known as DJ Akademiks)

DJ Akademiks Podcast :

Livingston Allen (popularly known as DJ Akademiks, born May 17,1991) is a Jamaican-American entertainment media personality. He covers various hip-hop news and entertainment items on the radio and on Social media. His videos is composed in audio commentaries layered on top of stitched-together GIFs.

Early Life & Education

DJ Akademiks was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. He live to the United States in 2001, during his high school years. He had trouble adjusting to the New York ,United States (USA) culture.

After graduating high school, he went to Rutgers University. There, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biomathematics. He also developed a passion for music production, which eventually turned into DJing.

He continued taking classes at Rutgers, as he eventually wants to attain a Master’s degree in Math Finance.


Social Media

As of December 2019, his main YouTube channel boasts over 2.3 million subscribers and he has 2.4 million followers on Instagram. He also created an Instagram page for his new project, Lil AK, that amassed over 379,000 followers.

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In 2018, DJ Akademiks became a part of a controversy after a rival blog Hip Hop Overload started claiming that Akademiks was an informant working for federal agents, to help bring down the rapper Teka$hi69 (6ix9ine) for racketeering. The blog stated that Tekashi’s former manager Kifano Jordan called him a fake best friend of the rapper, and agreed to an informant role to help him avoid being charged with obstruction of justice.

Following these allegations, DJ Akademiks approached the media company TMZ to proclaim his innocence. In a public statement, he said that he has never been questioned nor co-operated in any of the issues he’s been accused of. Kifano Jordan’s lawyer also made a statement denying his client had been in any interview that implicated someone in crime.

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