Devyani International IPO GMP : Price Band, GMP, Listing

Devyani International IPO GMP : Price Band, GMP, Listing

Demand in the grey market increased prior to the public offering due to the trading premium increasing to 56% from 17%.


The IPO is set to begin on August 4, 2018, and will end on August 6. In addition to the fresh issue of Rs 440 crore, existing selling shareholders of Dunearn Investments and RJ Corp. are offering to sell shares of Rs 1,398 crore.

Financial Snapshot

Financial Year Ended Revenue (₹ Crores) Loss for the yar (₹ Crores) EPS (₹)
March 2019 1,323.68 -59.29 -0.33
March 2020 1,535.04 -78.75 -0.4
March 2021 1,198.90 -81.32 0.17

Paytm IPO GMP : PayTM Share, Stock Price, GMP, Review, Details

Call center-based home delivery

  • LS Nav running at two call centers
  • 210 agents taking orders from all Indian customers on a signle number of the whole of India
  • 260,000 calls per month amounting INR 8000 million (US $13 million)
  • Orders punched in at call center are replicated to respective store server in range of 30-50 seconds
  • Status of KOT print, dispatch status and cash-out can be seen at call center

Online ordering channel

  • Online ordering was recently introduced successfully through Yum! India central order taking portal for Pizza Hut
  • Average 600 orders per day entered in portal land at respective store
  • Most promising upcoming revenue model – Low cost model as call center agent cost is not involved
  • Item masters, offers and promotions are created at HO and using Data Director are replicated to call center and stores
  • Orders are punched at call center and replicated to respective stores
  • Store receives the order and confirmation is sent back to call center
  • KOT is printed at store and confirmation is sent to call center
  • The confirmation is received within 2 minutes after punching in the order
  • Order is dispatched from store and delivery confirmation is replicated to Call Center

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