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The checks offered on this website are sold to you by your financial institution. Deluxe is your financial institution’s preferred wholesale check supplier. Your bank hires us to manufacture the checks, as well as process, handle, and deliver the retail orders.

The advantages of ordering checks directly through your financial institution include:

  • Security of ordering checks from your financial institutions endorsed check printer
  • A guarantee that your checks will be printed accurately
  • Tamper-resistant checks that contain important security features to help fight against check fraud, protecting your checks from alteration and counterfeiting
  • Safe, secure check ordering
  • Multiple design choices
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Where can I reorder personal checks?

You may reorder personal checks by logging in to see your previous order history. Order your favorite design again or choose a new one.

Allow 10-14 days for production and standard delivery. If you need your checks sooner, take advantage of our faster delivery options, which are available for most products. Orders with faster delivery methods placed later in the day may be produced and shipped the next day. FIFA 23 Error: Ways to Fix FIFA 23 Unable to Connect

What kinds of fees, charges, and taxes are there?

A. The price of your checks is ultimately set by your financial institution, considering various factors and costs, including but not limited to applicable program status, applicable waives or discounts, and the amounts your financial institution pays Deluxe for the checks, standard shipping, handling, tax, and other fees.

A. You are also offered various levels of Expedited Delivery and Processing Fees, for which you are charged additional discretionary amounts for delivering, handling, and processing your order with faster delivery times. The retail prices your financial institution sets for checks, Standard Delivery, as well as the various Expedited Delivery and Processing Fees, allows your financial institution to offer its customers an integrated check ordering experience and, when considered along with other revenues, may earn a profit.

A. The various taxes applicable to your order-such as city, state, and local taxes-are typically included in the price of your checks. In some instances, however, taxes may be listed as a separate charge. The actual amount of taxes applicable to each order varies.

Image of check showing routing and account number

What happens to my payment?

A. When you place an order for checks, a third-party entity authorized to act as an ACH Originator makes a deduction from your account for the total amount, including any additional fees for expedited delivery, processing, and services. This will appear on your bank account as an “ACH” fee.

The ACH Originator then remits to Deluxe the amount that the financial institution owes to Deluxe for the checks, various fees, and tax, per Deluxe’s contract with that financial institution. Deluxe then remits the appropriate tax amount to the appropriate authorities. The remainder of the amount is remitted to your financial institution. : iPhone User Guide and Setup basics

How do I know if I can order my checks from this site?

A. The personal checks available through this Web site are offered by Deluxe on behalf of your financial institution. You should be able to order from this Web site if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Your financial institution has chosen Deluxe as its check supplier.
  • Your financial institution offers this service to its account holders.
  • Your last order was placed with Deluxe (using one of the traditional ordering methods or online ordering).
  • You know the ZIP code that was printed on your last check order.