Deltarune Chapter 2 : Get Release Date, Time, And Save Transfer Info

Deltarune Chapter 2 : Get Release Date, Time, And Save Transfer Info

On September 17, Deltarune Chapter 2 will launch on PC and Mac at 8 p.m. Eastern. 7 p.m. is when it’s airing on the East Coast and everywhere else. 6 p.m. central evening at a mountain Pacific.


To learn when Deltarune Chapter 2 will come out in your region, visit this site.

You will need to use a Mac or PC that already has complete records of play. Chapter 1 credits are what reveal the completion status of the project. And this means you will be required to sleep in your bed every night after playing.


Save data can’t be transferred if you’ve played Deltarune Chapter 1 on a different console, like the Switch or PS4. Fox, however, promises this won’t detract from your enjoyment of the storey. He’s done a FAQ on Chapter 2, and he’s mentioned this on it:

Chapter 2 is totally separate from Chapter 1. Just remember the plot, and you’ll be fine.

The choices you make in Deltarune’s first chapter are constantly referenced by the in-game dialogue, which is meant to constantly remind you that your decisions have no consequence. The characters’ interactions with each other are often filled with interesting quips and jabs. Even though some small changes may be required for those with existing save data, Deltarune’s storey routes aren’t expected to be wildly divergent like they were in the original.

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