Dark And Darker Link Code Error Fixed

Dark And Darker Link Code Error Fixed

I found this screen in Dark And Darker Game. OPTIONS -> PLATFORM in the game once it boots up to your character screen. I’m guessing you’ll have the ability to enter your code when coming from Steam at some point.

Dark and Darker do not yet support account linking. Platform linking is currently under development and has not been fully deployed, according to Ironmace’s official Frequently Asked Questions website.

The creators have been mum on the exact release date of platform linking, which is very disappointing. It appears that you will have to be patient a little longer before you can link your previous Steam account to the latest edition of Steam. Stay strong!

I deleted blacksmith and that install and installed the steam version already.

dark and darker link code

“A Platform Link feature that allows for cross-progression across multiple PC platforms. For our players on Blacksmith who have already purchased the game and want to launch their account from another platform, we ask for your patience and continue playing on Blacksmith for just a little bit longer until this system is released. We feel strongly that our early adopters should not be required to re-purchase the game on another cross-play PC platform.”

I just came back to this game after not playing since the full launch and I see that this is still a huge clusterfuck.

First I download the game on Steam cause I like Steam and want to use it. Then I get hit with a code and I have to waste my time going through emails and their awful site, just to give up, go to Reddit and realize that all I’ve done so far was pointless. Now I’m learning that they apparently just released it without it working properly AND with incorrect instructions, to further confuse the players for some reason. And that’s all before launching the game, I wonder what other stupid surprises are awaiting me inside.

What is Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker is an upcoming multiplayer dark fantasy video game developed by South Korean studio Ironmace. The game combines elements of a dungeon crawler and a role-playing game, set in a dark medieval fantasy world. In this unique RPG, players must survive and loot in a dungeon, all while striving to keep new loot, earn gold, and level up their characters.

The goal is to survive long enough for the escape portal to appear, allowing players to exit the treacherous depths. If you’re a fan of fantasy and challenging gameplay, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on! 😊

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