CSULB Single Sign On : How do I Activate MyCSULB | Cal State Long Beach

CSULB Single Sign On : How do I Activate MyCSULB | Cal State Long Beach

Your MyCSULB Student Center serves as a “home base” for your enrollment and student information. To access your student center, log in to the CSULB Single Sign-On Portal with your student email address and password. Then select the yellow MyCSULB Student Center tile.

Your MyCSULB Student Center is organized into four sections–Academics, Finances, Personal Information, and Admissions. Each section contains resources related to your enrollment and student information–such as class schedule, academic requirements, fee payments, financial aid awards, personal information, and more.

Schedule of Classes

Modes of In-Person Instruction

  • Face-to-face on-campus: in-person class meetings at scheduled days and times on campus.
  • Face-to-face off-campus: in-person class meetings at scheduled days and times at a community site.
  • Hybrid with synchronous online: some face-to-face instruction and some synchronous (scheduled days and times) online class meeting.
  • Hybrid with asynchronous online: some face-to-face instruction and some asynchronous (no scheduled meeting times) online components.
  • Hyflex: enrolled in face-to-face instruction, meeting at scheduled days and times.

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Modes of Online-Only Instruction

  • Synchronous online: all classes will be remote at scheduled days and times
  • Asynchronous online: no scheduled day and time, so students can complete work at different times throughout the week
  • Mixed online: all classes will be remote, with some meetings at scheduled days and times and some asynchronous work
  • Hyflex: enrolled in synchronous online instruction, meeting at scheduled days and times

After you enroll, continue to check your MyCSULB Student Center for class schedule updates. Hybrid and face-to-face classes require students to be on campus or community site.

Select a term below to view the course schedule. You can view offerings by Academic Subject, College, or General Education Category by using the buttons at the top of each page. Course lists are updated regularly to reflect the latest changes in the official schedule.

Students on campus benches

Fall Courses

You can get up to the minute, detailed information on course offerings by using MyCSULB Student Center. Once you sign in, select the “Search for Classes” option under “My Menu.” This option allows you to search by subject area, course, day or time, instructor, GE area, courses with available seats, and much more!

How To Connect Your Wireless Device:

Step 1: Find your Device’s Mac Address

Example of Mac Address 00:00:00:00:00:00 or 00-00-00-00-00-00. Contains numbers 0-9 and letters A-F.

Step 2: Connect to beachnet+

In order to  access the device registration portal, you must use a computer, tablet, or phone that is connected to beachnet+.

Beachnet+ Connection

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Step 3: Redirected to SSO

Once you click on the “Register Device Now” link, you will be redirected to CSULB’s Single Sign On. Use your campus email and password to continue.

Step 4: Registration Form

Fill in the required fields: Device Name, Device Type* , and Mac Address from step 1.

Step 5: Registration complete

Registration is complete. Your device will be active until the Account Expiration Date.

Step 6: Connect your device

Connect your game console, smart device, or media player to beachnet-guest-access.

You may need to reboot the device

Trouble Shooting

  • The Device Registraton Form can take up to 12 hours after Housing residential check-in to be available.
  • Once your device is registered, select “beachnet-guest-access” as the WiFi network. The device will connect without prompting you for a password. If not, a restart of the device may be required.
  • If device doesn’t connect after a restart, unplug the device’s power cord from the power outlet for 1 hour.
  • Devices on “Beachnet+” will not be able to communicate with with devices on “beachnet-guest-access”
  • For safer online browsing, we recommend you still use Beachnet+ for your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.
  • PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones that are registered through the device registration portal to use with “beachnet-guest-access” will be removed.