Cowin Certificate Correction: Error correction, name change, gender and age alteration

Cowin Certificate Alteration : Error correction, name change, gender and age alteration

R.S. Sharma, Chairman of the Empowered Group on COVID vaccination, spoke about how the digital CoWin platform being put in place by the government will introduce a new feature which will allow certificate information to be corrected after it is uploaded.


This change came about as a result of some data entry errors being brought to the attention of management. We are distributing a patch — an application — which enables certificate corrections and issue of certificates. Dr. Sharma said, “The provision is completely new, and the certificate is available to anyone in the world to check via the internet.”

Dr. Sharma remarked that within the next couple of days, this software would be put in place, which would enable minor changes in a name or errors in a surname.

Here’s how you can request a change in the certificate through CoWin:

1. Visit the official website of CoWin i.e.

2. Go to your account on

3. Select raise an issue under your account details.

4. Select correction in the certificate.

5. Select the field in which you want to make corrections.

The option for correction is for only one time.

It is quite easy to resolve any errors that appear on the certificate:

Step 1. First Log on to Official Cowin Portal –

Step 2. Click the Sign In button.

Step 3. Enter your mobile number.

Step 4. You will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP to log in.

Step 5. Now click on the “Raise an issue” button in the top right

Step 6. In the drop-down menu, select “Certificate Correction.” Once the page loads, you will be asked to select the member.

Step 7. From your list of beneficiaries, choose the individual whom you want to correct.

Step 8: Select the option “Certificate correction.” Which changes need to be made? To find out, go through each change category one by one. – Name, Year of Birth, Gender, Photo ID Number, check the options you need to make corrections into.


Now, fill in the details correctly and click continue to submit the information.

Your certificate will be updated following Co-WIN moderators’ approval. It’s important to remember that you can only modify your personal details once. You need to make all of the information current at once.

Keeping accurate vaccination records is important, because a lot of places (and businesses) ask for them to grant you access to their buildings and amenities. Errors in details due to miscommunication with vaccination operators were commonly reported by many people.

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