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Check the results of the AP covid-19 test online: You can track the status of your Covid-19 test results online using your sample ID, Aadhaar Card, and the state of Andhra Pradesh at

In Andhra Pradesh, how do I check the results of my Covid-19 test online?


It is described in this article how to check the results of the AP COVID-19 test online (Corona Test Results in AP) at the following URL: AP COVID-19 test results check online (Corona Test Results in AP)

Results of the AP Covid-19 Test

COVID-19 (Corona Virus Sickness) is a disease that is wreaking havoc on the entire planet, according to the World Health Organization. Several lakhs of people have perished as a result of the virus’s hazardous spread around the globe. In order to decrease this spread, the AP CM has implemented an online site that allows users to amend their results after testing.

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Article AP COVID-19 results check Online 2021
State Andhra Pradesh
Country India
Results Check Mode Online
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What Is the Corona Virus/Covid-19 and How Does It Spread?

Corona sickness 2019, also known as Covid 19, is a serious sickness caused by the Novel Coronavirus, also known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. (SAR-CoV-2). In the past, the virus was referred to as 2019-nCoV. On January 30th, 2020, the virus was labelled a worldwide calamity or public health emergency by the United Nations. However, it was identified for the first time on December 31st, 2019, and is hence referred to as Covid-19.

The Corona Virus has spread around the world, resulting in a state of emergency in the vast majority of countries. Everyone, according to the health professional, should take safeguards. People should wash their hands after handling the virus, maintain a safe distance, wear masks, and stay indoors if at all feasible. This increases the transmission rate while also preventing an increase in the number of illnesses. Every day, a new discovery of the symptoms makes its way to light.

Coronary Angiogram Results in AP

As the number of Corona cases continues to rise, results are becoming increasingly delayed. As a result, people are unwittingly transmitting the sickness to others. To bring this under control in Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken significant steps to reduce the mortality toll. Approximately 1400 deaths have happened in the state of Andhra Pradesh so far. A new online portal had been created, which allowed them to verify their results by entering their registered ID.

Checking the AP COVID-19 Results: A Step by Step Guide

With an Aadhar card and a Sample ID, one may immediately check the results of an AP government covid test online without having to wait for a message to be sent to their cellphone phone. It is possible that it will not be received due to network troubles. This article outlines the steps to take in order to verify the outcome.

The first procedure is as follows:

  • Open online portal using the following link
  • In the homepage, select Patient History For Covid-19.

Procedure 2

  1. Open the following link
  3. Select Search type Sample ID or Aadhar number or Mobile number.
  4. OR Enter name, age, gender, district.
  5. Tap SUBMIT button.
  6. You will get an OTP to registered mobile number.
  7. Enter OTP, one will get COVID status to your mobile number.

Covid-19 Test Results Online

ap covid-19 test results online
ap covid-19 test results online

COVID-19 Self Diagnosis:

  • One can also diagnose themselves by completing the form given in the following link

Request For Covid-19 Test:

  • One can request for COVID-19 test by using the following link

Consult a doctor:

  • You can also consult a doctor by submitting the following form:

Registering COVID-19 complaint:

One can register a complaint regarding covid-19 by using the following form.Use the link given below to Fill form and register complaint.

  • Complaint categories:
    • Health
    • Sanitation
    • Law and order
    • Civil supplies
    • Marketing

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