Clickview Login : Teaching & learning video resources

Clickview Login : Teaching & learning video resources

ClickView was founded in 2003 and we’ve grown exponentially since our early years. Now with teams in the UK, Australia and the US, we have more than 100 staff worldwide working to make a positive impact on the education of future generations. Here’s how we evolved from a tech start-up into a world-leading content producer of curriculum-relevant video titles for educators and students.

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What is Library Review?

Library Review, gives schools a chance to review any new content from ClickView before it’s added to the ClickView libraries.
If approved, the videos will become available in your ClickView libraries and teachers and students will be able to watch them.

If no action is taken within the review period, the videos will automatically become available in ClickView libraries. The review period in most cases will be 30 days.

How do I enable Library Review?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Libraries
  3. Tick Enable Library Review

How do I disable Library Review?

There are 2 ways Library Review can be disabled:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click Libraries
  3. Untick Enable Library Review

Browsing Library Videos (Android)

The ClickView app allows you to explore and discover new content in your school’s ClickView Library, the Exchange, your Workspace and more! Videos within the ClickView Library are organized categorically and seamlessly to allow users to easily find the videos they are looking for.

Select the ‘Libraries’ button from the main menu at the bottom of the screen.

Select one of the libraries and browse through the categories.

If you would like a more refined search, touch the search area and enter keywords into the search bar.

You can refine your search even further by clicking on the filter icon

A new window will pop up where you can apply additional filters, such as Library, Production Year and Video Duration

When you finish, press Apply Filters button to display results

Select a video and press the play button to begin viewing it.

You can rotate your device into a horizontal orientation to display the video in full-screen mode.

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