Class Dojo Login : How Does My Child Log into Their Student Account at Home?

Class Dojo Login : How Does My Child Log into Their Student Account at Home?

ClassDojo is a global community of 50M+ teachers and families who come together to share kids’ most important learning moments in school and at home—through photos, videos, messages & more.

Kids have always learned together in physical spaces and, in coming years, they’ll start learning in virtual spaces, too. Now that ClassDojo has connected 50M+ teachers and families, we’re planning to build that virtual space for the whole community, with:

Equal learning opportunities

The world’s best learning experiences will be available to everyone, regardless of zip code or income.


ClassDojo brings school communities together, with one place for teachers and families to connect, communicate, and share learning experiences.

Learning through play

We believe the future of learning looks a lot like play and, in the future, ClassDojo is where kids will be free to come together to discover what they love.

Safety and trust

ClassDojo is the safest online community for kids to play, discover, and grow – and it always will be.

How Does My Child Log into Their Student Account at Home?


There are a variety of methods you can use to log your child into their student account at home on the website:

1. You can toggle into their student account from the parent account.

2. If your child’s teacher has provided you with an Individual QR Code, you can follow this tutorial to scan it and log your child in on a different device. You can also access the QR code from your parent account on the ClassDojo app.

3. If your child’s teacher has provided you with a personal link, you can follow the tutorial to log your child into their account using the link.

4. If your child has set up their account previously at school with Google sign-in, they can follow the tutorial to log into their account at home as long as they know their Google email address and password. (Please note: Your child must set up their Google sign-in account at school first in order for them to use this as an at-home login method.)

Toggle Between Your Parent and Student Accounts

With our Web Account Switcher, you can easily toggle between your parent account and your child’s student account.

  1. Log into your parent account on the ClassDojo website.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu in the top right of the screen beside your name and select “Student accounts”Account_Switcher_1.png
  3. Select your child’s nameAccount_Switcher_2.png
  4. After selecting your child, you will be in the student account. From here, you will be able to view reports, customize the monster, respond to Assignments, and submit new posts to the Portfolio!Account_Switcher_3.png
  5. To switch back to your parent account, simply navigate to the drop down menu in the top right corner of your child’s profile and click “Switch account”

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